Portsmouth Win – The Varsity Dispute: The VP Sports’ Statements



Southampton’s own VP Sports Dean Jones has now stated that Varsity 2013 will officially remain a Portsmouth win, despite an appeal over the result which included video evidence courtesy of SUSUTV.

In Dean’s statement ‘Varsity – when is the final whistle?’, he cited questions over when the result becomes final, the possibility that “any individual team who disputes a result is likely to be branded a sore loser”, and ultimately “great shame that we cannot reach agreement” as reasons for the official results being kept as a Portsmouth win.

So, how did it come to this? We now look back at the statement that prompted Dean’s final statement, in which VP Sports for Portsmouth University, Cat Redding, responded to SUSU’s disputing of Portsmouth Varsity win.

After results were announced on March 17, complaints arose from competitors that the scores had not been calculated correctly. At the core of these complaints was Athletics, to which SUSU claimed that the men’s 200m was incorrectly recorded as a Portsmouth win, and Surfing, where Southampton understood that the win should have been included in the end result.

Portsmouth VP Sports Cat Redding said in a statement on 8th April:

“Official scorecards were created to ensure that the scores were agreed by both Portsmouth and Southampton athletes before they were officiated. Despite Southampton’s lack of response to the constitution these cards were used to ensure against later challenges of scores.”

“If the Surf result had been brought up on the day of Varsity then it would have been considered, similar to that of Mountain Biking, but it wasn’t, and both myself and Dean looked at the scores we had, and agreed that Portsmouth had won the Cup.”

It is only this year with a Portsmouth win that these controversies have come to play.

“As well as this, Dean proposed on the day that we should play the Golf and Ten-pin Bowling fixtures that were not played before the event, however I stressed that we do not go back on the date after the day of Varsity – despite the likelihood being that both of these fixtures would have been big Portsmouth wins.

“We have never before gone back on a score despite the fact that has been controversy about scores every year – hence why I introduced score cards, but it is only this year with a Portsmouth win that these controversies have come into play.”

So, with Dean’s later response, it appears that the Portsmouth win in Varsity 2013 will remain a disputed one.

The Official result remains as a Portsmouth win.

Look here for the Wessex Scene article on Dean’s response, and here for his SUSU Blog.


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