Blackout Live Blog!!


[liveblog]It’s finally here the briefing has started!

Nearly 300 students including Winchester and Avenue Campus

2nd year the event is running

Partnership between the student and the staff – that’s what makes it so special

Teams are wearing colour coded hoodies

Getting ready to pick get going!

Last year this event won the highly commended

Idea is so successful Southampton City Council is running its own version!

Turning off any pc’s, laptop, monitors that are left on and not being used

Also looking for lights on, printers turned on and phone chargers

Any windows which are left open are to be shut

Each team of volunteers is filling out an audit to record what’s left on in which room!

Tune in to see how your building and faculty fairs!

No use of lifts by the team as part of their commitment to be carbon conserving!

For devices which were left on the volunteers are leaving a calling card to remind them to switch off next time

Packed lecture theatre in the Physics Building

Plenty laughs from Simon Kemp

Blackout lasy year resulted in 11 pages of tweets!

Dont forget to send in your pictures or tweet us @WessexScene

Excitment is building amongst the volunteers – not sure if its for pizza or saving the planet

110 pizzas arriving to feed 300 volunteers – 3 slices each!

And we’re off the teams are go go go!

First off are teams to B65

Second team are getting  ready to go to B45

Third team are also going to B65 – who knew it was so big!

Green team are go go go

Blue group are off!

Maroon are soon to follow

So many students not enough coloured hoodies I fear!

Building 67 are off

Building 32 not far behind!

So good to see so many sabbs and staff getting involved

Dont forget in touch if your following we want to hear your views






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    I have a picture on my phone! How do I send it to you?

    Claire Critchley

    Twitter or facebook please – you have a technophob doing this liveblog!

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    kind of ironic that they are doing all this to try and save the planet, yet they buy a load of hoodies to do it in! surely the environmental impact of each person having a hoody made and shipped half way around the world times totally outstrips the energy saved by turning off a few lights!?

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