University Agrees to Increase Access to Bursaries


The default option for students entitled to direct financial support next academic year will change from a fee-waiver to a bursary, thanks to lobbying efforts made by the Students’ Union.

Students entitled to direct financial support are given the option of a fee-waiver or a bursary. Previously, the default option for this choice was a fee-waiver, therefore meaning that many students this year missed out on a bursary.

After much campaigning – reaching over 3000 students – which educated students about the benefits of bursaries, Union Council gave SUSU a formal stance on the topic. The University has since agreed to change the default option.

The new changes mean that the University is likely to give out over £5.2 million in bursaries.

Union President, David Gilani, said:

“I’m overwhelmed and delighted to announce that thanks to lobbying efforts on behalf of SUSU, in the academic year 2014/15, students could receive over £5 million in bursaries! A possible increase of over £3 million on this year, which was already a large increase on previous years! This is a huge step forward towards ensuring that finances are no longer a barrier to education at Southampton.”

Not all of this bursary increase is due to lobbying efforts made by SUSU. Some of the increase has come from the scrapping of the National Scholarship Program, which restricted some people to just getting fee-waivers and some comes from third year students now being part of this system.

For more information on the benefits of a bursary, click here.



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