SUSU Launch New Crowdfunding Platform


SUSU are offering a new Crowdfunding opportunity for those who need financial support for projects and activities.

SUSU hope the new platform will be enriching.
SUSU hope the new platform will be enriching

It is hoped by SUSU that this opportunity will be encouraging for a more enriched experience for those at Southampton, with this particular fundraising method making it easier for students to gain backing and funding for projects.

SUSU have teamed up with the University of Southampton to create the Hubbub which is open to those who study or work at the university, and who are specifically seeking funding for University related projects or activities that cannot be acquired by the individual or group by the available standard means.

Crowdfunding has always been proven as a popular tool for financial support, as it gathers a wider community of support to back a project. Proof of it being a more than viable way to create funds was demonstrated within the University of Southampton last year, as SUSU Theatre Group and Showstoppers used crowdfunding to to raise over £500 to take their original play, ‘Hanging Bruce Howard’, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

If anyone wishes to create and start their own project on this new crowdfunding platform, you are encouraged to submit an application form to Applications should be submitted before the last Friday of each month, and applicants should expect to hear back about the outcome of their application within two weeks. If your application is successful and approved, fundraising can then begin for your chosen project.


BA English student at the University of Southampton and News Editor of the Wessex Scene 2014-2015.

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    The whole point of crows funding is that it is very democratic. The things people want to pay for are the things that get funded, everything else fails.

    The fact that SUSU want “applications”, and not all will be “successful” goes directly against this, and leads to something quite different, whereby someone (probably a Sabb, but it’s unclear at the moment) gets to choose what they think deserves the possibility of being funded.

    By not letting every project be seen by potential backers, the fact that it is crowd-funding is completely irrelevant.

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