University Vice-Chancellor to Retire in Two Years


Professor Don Nutbeam, Vice-Chancellor of the university, has stated his intention to retire from his position no later than the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year. 

Nutbeam informed the council of his intentions to retire from the role to pursue academic interests in public health. The Vice-Chancellor’s career has lead to him to take on senior positions in universities, government and health services.

Before retiring from the job, Nutbeam’s priorities will be to lead the implementation of the university’s vision 2020 strategy, which was approved in March this year.

I am fully focused on the future success of the university and I will continue to devote myself to pursuing the ambitions expressed in our refreshed Vision 2020 strategy during my remaining tenure.

Professor Don Nutbeam

The council will now conduct an international search for the future Vice-Chancellor, which will commence in the coming weeks.


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