RAG Raises Over £100K


Students and staff from our very own SUSU have raised a staggering £108,509.52 last year through RAG (Raise and Give).

This year’s total stands at a considerable increase to that of 2012-2013, when £91,527.19 was raised.

This amazing feat was contributed to by nearly 50 groups and individual students and staff, and was raised through a wide range of different projects, with everything from marathons to speed dating .

rag team

Amongst some of the highest contributing groups, are the 16 adventurers preparing to explore the Inca Trail in Peru or embark upon a Gorilla Trek in Uganda this summer, who raised an incredible £29,549.86. Other impressive amounts include the Islamic Society (£16,491.42), Hitch (£7,548.31) and Medical Society (£4,049.06).

Individual students also contributed greatly to the grand sum, especially Chris Nash, Pedro Cordero-Alvarez and Tom Wardle, who all raised over £1000 each by running marathons and half-marathons.

The RAG team are extremely proud of their success, with RAG Officer 2013-14 Alice Gray commenting:

“I have had an amazing time as RAG leader this year, everyone has been super supportive and keen to get involved. We have lots of new events like our Christmas market as well as successful annual ones like The BIG Give and speed-dating, and I’m just so thankful to everyone who helped raise the money or donated.”

Former Vice President of Engagement, Claire Gilbert, also stressed the amount of effort that went into achieving this amount, saying

 “I am always impressed by the dedication to fundraising by students at Southampton. This total represents what we give to charity, but I can’t even begin to show the number of hours that go into planning, volunteering and promoting. It was an honour to work with so many incredible people and I hope they realise the impact this money has on so many lives. I look forward to donating to #TheBIGgive as a SUSU alumnus next year!”

The money raised will be donated to 73 charities, including Breast Cancer Campaign, Epilepsy Society, East African Playgrounds, Wessex Heartbeat, Motor Neurone Disease Association  and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Here’s to the next year of raising and giving!


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    £108? £180?

    I know the WS usually manages to get things wrong, I’ve not seen a single article manage to contradict itself before!

    Emma Cheshire

    Hi, thank you for pointing out this error. It was in fact £108 and not £180 as the previous headline suggested. Article has been corrected accordingly.

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