Immigration Street TV Crew Pelted with Eggs


The TV crew currently filming Channel 4’s upcoming show Immigration Street in Southampton have been pelted with eggs and flour.

The Love Productions crew were targeted by a group of local young boys after having been filming at a shop on Derby Road on Tuesday evening.

Pat O’Dell, from Newtown Residents’ Association (NRA) had said that the word had been spreading about the filming so the young boys knew exactly what was going on.

“They got some eggs and started throwing them at the crew who then ran off.”

Residents within the area have not been shy about their feelings towards the upcoming television show. Last month, it was reported that residents on Derby Road had told the Channel 4 producers to “get out” of their community, urging for the controversial programme to be scrapped.

“There’s anger in the community because people don’t want the show to cause any friction.”

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “We intend to continue to film with residents who are very happy to share their experience of living on Derby Road. We would urge anyone who has concerns about their participation to discuss these with the production team.”

Immigration Street is a follow-up to the television show Benefits Street, which followed the lives of people living on a Birmingham street.

Channel 4 said the new programme would follow the lives of Southampton residents in the “ethnically diverse street where the majority of residents were not born in the UK”.

Residents have been protesting to stop the filming of the documentary Image Credit: The Daily Echo
Residents have been protesting to stop the filming of the documentary
Image Credit: The Daily Echo

Benefits Street, described as ‘highly-controversial’, was aired last year. Despite being a ratings hit, the show received more than 900 complaints and was criticised for its negative portrayal of benefits claimants.

Hampshire police have confirmed that they had been investigating a public order incident involving a TV production crew.


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