SUSU Release Freshers’ Masterpass Details


The Student Union’s Freshers’ Masterpass – an ‘access to all areas’ wristband which gives students entry to various club nights, socials, music events and various other activities – is back again this year for Freshers’ 2014. 

The Masterpass was first introduced last year.  SUSU ensure that this year it will be ‘bigger and better’ and for the first time, will include a range of discounts including 10% off selected food and drinks within the SUSU venues throughout the six week Freshers’ period.

Freshers have a choice between the 'Outgoing' or the 'Easy-Going' Masterpass.
Freshers have a choice between the ‘Outgoing’ or the ‘Easy-Going’ Masterpass.

Freshers will have the choice between two kinds of Masterpass.

The ‘Outgoing’ Masterpass – which costs £95 – will offer access to over 60 events. Some highlights will include the Welcome Party UV Rave, the Bedford Place Block Party pub crawl, Silent Disco, Freshers’ Rave, free entry every Wednesday to Oceana’s Student Therapy throughout the Freshers period and the Freshers’ Ball, among many others.

However, for those who aren’t too fussed about hitting the big time, SUSU is also introducing the ‘Easy-Going’ Masterpass – at a cost of £65 – which will include access to 25 events. This will consist of easy-going events such as the Laughter Lounge, Dine Out in Southampton (sampling various restaurants across the city) The ‘Pub’ Stroll, Crazy Golf, Roller Disco, a sophisticated Cheese and Wine night, Film Nights, Murder Mystery and of course will include access to the Freshers’ Ball.

Tickets are available to be purchased online at the SUSU box office, which can be found here.

For more information on these events, visit the events Facebook page, which will be offering updates on events throughout Freshers’.


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