Ice Cream Parlour for SUSU Bar 3


SUSU have today announced that an authentic ice cream parlour will be opening in the newly refurbished Bar 3 area of the Students’ Union Building.

SUSU’s brand new ice cream parlour will be supported by the Minghella Brand, a local family business based on the Isle of Wight, who have been making ice cream and sorbets for over 60 years. The business has won over 80 Great Taste Awards and boasts over 230 ice creams and sorbets – their flavours are also said to be unique to the company.

The Minghella ice cream parlour will fit in well with SUSU’s Hollywood theme for Bar 3, since the Minghella ice cream business also have family links to the film industry.

Union President David Mendoza-Wolfson said in his SUSU blog:

Why did we choose Minghella?…The very same family that brings you such fabulous ice cream also nurtured the late film director, writer and producer, Anthony Minghella…his legacy of wonderful films especially The English Patient (1996), which won 9 Oscars and 6 Baftas, lives on and continues to inspire young film makers today.

In addition to this news, David Mendoza-Wolfson also mentioned that SUSU will be developing their own special SUSU flavoured ice cream, as well as giving customers the chance to vote frequently through Facebook for future flavours, which will continue to change on a day by day basis.

A sneak peak at SUSU's brand new ice cream parlour in Bar 3.
A sneak peak at SUSU’s brand new ice cream parlour in Bar 3.

Gioia Minghella, Managing Director, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to supply SUSU’s Truly Madly Deeply (with apologies to my late brother, Anthony!) wonderful new ice cream parlour.  

We love the brilliantly designed new Hollywood-inspired space, which will be the perfect setting for enjoying delicious ice cream sundaes and treats made with our delicious, award-winning ice creams and sorbets.  How about a Cold Mountain sundae, or the specially created SUSU ice cream?   We can’t wait!”

The Parlour is set to open along with the rest of the diner on the night on the 24th of September.


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