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Apple Inc.

Earlier this month, Apple announced the Apple Watch – a piece of technology which they say is “designed to be worn”. It was promoted with a range of features, including the ability to text, reply to calls and even act as a fitness monitor. And yes, it can still tell the time. All in all, a rather snazzy piece of kit.

But by no means is it alone.

Wearable technology has been something of a growing trend over the past year or so. With the growth of the so-called “Internet of Things”, we have reached a point where any product can be made to connect with any other product. Smoke alarms and slow cookers have already received the treatment, and now watches are following suit. This was a process first started in the 1970s, but recent advances in technology mean that considerable progress is being made. Samsung and LG, along with a host of small companies all stand alongside Apple, attempting to convince you that what you really need is one of their devices on your wrist.

But let us be honest – do we really need another electronic device to pull us away from the “real world”? Sure, they are incredibly cool devices, and are sure to attract a glance or few if you are spotted wearing one (especially when living on a student budget!). But aside from the novelty value of being able to check your texts from your wrist, what do they offer that our phones or tablets don’t already do? Do we really want to end up in a society where we are permanently slaves to our electronics? We already hear people say that we spend too much time on our phones, and this will only make the situation worse.

I’m a huge advocate of new technologies, don’t get me wrong. But personally, I’m going to be holding off for a bit. I don’t think the world is quite ready for wearables. We need to put down our phones, and get back into the real world.


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