Hollywood Comes To Town: the Facts, the Gossip and the Speculation


In case you haven’t heard, Hollywood came to Southampton today (sort of), and Highfield Campus has been buzzing with the prospects of fame and fortune.

Wessex Scene News Editor Emma Cheshire tries her luck at the Hollywood auditions

Students interested in being extras for an upcoming Hollywood feature film were asked to queue, fill in details about themselves, and have their picture taken, to be in with a chance of actually being in an actual film with actual celebs.

So why did students decide to give it a go?

“Fame, money, helicopters, beach houses” suggested Matt, Maks, Joe and Ollie. Sounds about right. Others agreed that the prospect of being in a Hollywood film was too good to pass up. Aisa said he actually wanted to go into acting, so of course this was a fantastic opportunity. Others admitted that they simply had a free couple of hours (definitely the enthusiasm they’re looking for, I’m sure), so why not?

And why not indeed, when you’ve got the potential to star in a blockbuster film, even if no one actually had any idea what it was. While the casting directors told us they couldn’t say what film it was, they confirmed there were “big names” in it, with filming currently going on in London – coming to Southampton in mid-November, and that around 100 students were needed.

So what did some of our potential film stars think it might be?

“I’ve got a few theories” said Aisa, Catherine and Lucy, “maybe the new Star Wars, or the Hunger Games, if that’s still filming”. Captain America and other superhero movies were also proposed (*swoon*).

Matt suggested “Star Wars, as that used to be filmed in the UK”.

He and his friends also confirmed that auditionees had been asked if they had military experience. The plot thickens.

SUSU VIP Charlotte Cloud agreed that it was probably a military film, suggesting World War 2, as they had also specified that they wanted 70 male extras and only 30 females. Indeed, at around 1.30 girls started getting turned away. This is less likely to be outrageous sexism and is more probably a reflection of a film based in an era, genre or setting that was male-centric.

Nonetheless girls were not disheartened, and following a post on a casting website which was looking for extras who could pass as Moroccan for a movie filming in Southampton, plenty of girls and guys were seen to be using the “yeah, I could be Moroccan” attitude.

With nearly 300 people being screened, was it worth waiting between one and two hours?

“Even if we don’t get it, it’s still been quite fun” Matt and his friends agreed. As Freshers Ali said, for £120 a day, I’d say yeah, it’s probably worth the wait…

filmsWhich film do you think it was? Any other suggestions? Let us know!


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    Tara from 2020 Casting said that the movie is “just about as big as they get”. The ratio of male to female actors required and the fact that military experience was a bonus suggests that the scene they’re filming will be a battle scene.
    It remains to be seen whether the film is set in the past, or indeed “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”.

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