The Definitive Southampton Bucket List


There are a lot of University Bucket Lists on the inter-web. There’s even a few Southampton based ones. Consider this the bucket list to end all bucket lists – whether you’re a fresher, a finalist, or anything in-between, get working on this before graduation. You know you want to.

1)  Midnight Manzils


Tariq Manzils is the late night curry place in Bevois Valley, Portswood. Open til 3am, an early hours Manzils is an essential to the Southampton experience.

 2)  £1.50 Triples


Sobar Tuesdays offers this too good to be true deal.

3)  Karoke at the Stag’s

Every Thursday The Stag’s Head, our on-campus SUSU ran pub has a Karoke night, which is not to be missed. Plus you can get pizza and a drink for £4.95, well played Stags, well played.

4)  Get a Jesters Gold Card


Also known as the Palace of Dreams, Jesters is an experience that every Southampton student must have. Make sure you wear a special pair of shoes, and get a gold card by staying in the Palace for 12-long hours. In exchange you get free entry for a year, not bad.

5)  Meet SUSU the cat

SUSU loves Wessex Scene!
SUSU loves Wessex Scene!

How many Universities have their own cat? WE DO!

6)  Take a selfie with SUSU the cat

7)  Go out in fancy dress


The more creative and more ridiculous the better.

8)  Feed the campus ducks

9)  Attend a Saints match


We are blessed to have a Premier League football team in our city (for the time being at least). Go along, sing “Oh When The Saints Come Marching In” and make friends with some locals. They’re not that bad.

10)   Try a Jesticle


Effective, delicious and it’s name sounds like male naughty-bits. This is Jester’s best cocktail – don’t pay any attention to fans of the Juicy Lucy.

11)   Do Quiz and Curry at The Bridge

12)  Join a society

The best is when it’s something you’ve never done before, whether it’s fencing, american football, bridge, bhangra, DJ society, politics association or wildlife protection. There really is something for everyone!

13)  Get a Shout Out on Surge Radio


Text in requests on 07547 006 005 and they’ll probably play them!

14)   Write a story for Wessex Scene or the Edge


Everyone knows the media societies are the best societies.

15)  Star in a SUSUTV video


16)  Have a BBQ and Pimms on the Common


The huge park near Avenue Campus.

17)  Do Something wacky for charity

Have fun and raise money at the same time! Why not join RAG?

18)  Learn a language

Get a bi-lingual buddy to teach you, or try Southampton’s amazing life-long learning lessons, you can do anything from Mandarin to French! C’est Bonne!

19) Prank a housemate


Or a flatmate – there is no better bonding experience.

20) Go on Tour

A lot of societies and halls go on tour every year. Tour is great (plus you can practice your new language skills).

21) Wake up on the Isle of Wight


Did you hear about that guy that went for a night out in Oldham and woke up in Paris? Well this is our version. Okay, it’s a bit tricky, but at least visit the island, it’s very pretty.

22) Visit Bournemouth

And have fish and chips on the beach!

23) Visit the New Forrest

24)  Walk the City Walls

We’re a very historic city ya know.

25)  Go to the Joiners, The Talking Heads, or the O2 Academy.

Because live music is the best.

26) Visit Winchester Christmas Market.


27)  Club Hop in Bedford Place


Nutella + Oreo is the best.
Nutella + Oreo is the best.

Best. Icecream. Bar. In. The. World.  Make sure you visit their Portswood venue and their city centre one!

29) Complete the Fellowship

A Lord of the Rings themed pub, with Lord of the Rings themed drinks resides in Southampton: The Hobbit. Plus you get a free t-shirt once you’ve completed it, which is pretty cool.

30) Try American Diner

On level 3 of SUSU – it is amazing.

31) Go to Marwell Zoo


32)  Go to Varsity, or Wide Lane

Varsity is the biggest and best sporting event of the year! If you’re not playing, cheer on team Southampton! #TeamSouthampton

33) Order a Text-a-Toastie

Minolta DSC

The lovely folk at the Christian Union run a Text-a-Toastie service every wednesday. Just text them with you’re location, toastie order, and question about God and you get a free toastie and you’re question answered, mmm.

34)  Union Films Marathon

We are so lucky to have a cinema where tickets are only £3 right here on campus! Once in a while they even do an all nighter.

35) Go to a Roller Disco


Hell yeah Southampton has it’s own roller disco. Skate down to The Mo’ Club and do your thang.

36)  Try Afternoon Tea at The Grand Cafe

The Grand Cafe is one of Southampton’s finer dining institutions.  It was once a hotel and ballroom, where the guests of the Titanic spent the night before boarding the ill-fated cruiser. The Queen Mother once stayed there too! £15.50 per person isn’t too much considering how fancy it is.

37) Attend a Ball

Freshers ball, Grad ball, subject balls, AU ball, society balls – GO TO THEM ALL.

38)   Walk down the CafPaf/Sobar stairs and NOT fall over


Especially tricky for those of us in heels.

39) Do a Portswood Pudding Crawl

Bar crawls not your thing? Well do a pudding crawl instead! Start off at the Bridge, and make your way through Portswood highstreet all the way to Mango. Wear baggy trousers though, obviously.

40) Free Film at Picture House


Join the E4 Slackers Club and get a monthly free showing!

41) Count the number of semi-naked people during a halls fire-alarm

It’s inevitable.

42) Get Solent BFFs

They’re really quite nice!

43) Make friends in a club by taking on a completely different accent and persona

44)  Halls banter

Because no-one likes Glen Eyre.

45)  Learn to cook


Or you’ll get sick of super noodles and Dominoes pretty quickly.

46) Lecture walk of shame

Go to your lecture in last night’s clothes – this is even better if it’s fancy dress.

47)  Play Come Dine with Me


Get a group of flats/houses to take turn hosting dinner parties, then secretly rate each other- preferably on film.

48) Run the Southampton half-marathon


49) Do a crazy sport

Muggle Quidditch is a great start.

50) Get a shot of chocolate at Cafe Parfait Thursdays


Let the challenge commence.


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