Pack Bags with RAG!


On Saturday 18th October RAG had their first bag pack of the year at ASDA in aid of StreetInvest; a global charity that helps children living on the street by providing short term relief, such as food and shelter, and endeavouring to provide long term solutions.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that a bag pack wasn’t my idea of fun in first year. After the slog of the week just gone, all I wanted to do was head out on a Friday night and nurse the hangover that became my unfailing friend, turning up every Saturday, by watching tonnes of telly and eating to my stomach’s full capacity. Volunteering was, at this point, the last thing on my mind. That didn’t make me a bad person. It just made me look at the way that I was organising my life.

Saturday was a new experience. I’d never done a bag pack before and, in fact, the idea was a little nerve-racking. I’d been shopping with my mum and seen countless brownies and scouts cowering at the end of the till with buckets and plastic bags. I didn’t really know what it was all about.

But, as I’ve come to realise, bag packs are a fantastic way of engaging with the people in our community and, indeed, your friends. Standing at the end if the till doesn’t have to be a serious affair. It’s far more social.

The purpose of bag packs are essentially to offer a service to the public and in turn, share a little bit of information about the charity you’re fundraising for. The most eye-opening thing is the generosity of shoppers. People are genuinely interested in listening to you speak about the cause and are very grateful for your help. When they pop their spare change in your collection bucket, there’s a sense of real pride on both your, and their, behalf. Inspiring people to help others is what a bag pack is all about!

What’s more, it looks great on your CV. It demonstrates initiative, confidence, independence and sensibility – skills invaluable to employers!


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