SUSU Halloween Red Foam Party – Our Review


imageIf you’ve seen our interview with Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1, you’ll know that he was in Southampton on Friday for the SUSU Halloween Red Foam Party, which turned out to be a great success.

image[2]It wasn’t the biggest turnout compared to other major events but every person there seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The room was full of soaking image[5]and slightly pink Freshers when we arrived, due to the red (pink) foam machine already working its magic in the Cube, and once Chris arrived, things picked up and all the big hits, accompanied by more foam. The lasers were amazing, and the whole venue looked fantastic.

“Free shots? Don’t mind if I do…”
The highlight for some was probably when – due both to Southampton being Chris’ old uni, and also because the crowd was intimate enough – Chris bought shots for all the students at the front, passed out by his very lovely agent Jas.

Of course, this was Halloween, so there were some fantastic outfits on show, including what appeared to be a zombie train conductor and Pikachu – Freshers did have to bear in mind that image[3]whatever clothes they wore would probably be ruined by the foam, so we can forgive them for maybe not dressing up so much. Luckily no one minded too much, thanks to Chris’ mix of crowd pleasers. All in all, an awesome night – make sure you come back soon Chris!


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