JCR and Rep Awards 2014


On 22nd October, VP Communities Anjit Aulkah, and JCRs Officer Frankie Mouat hosted the 3rd Annual JCR and reps award night at the Bridge.

The event is designed to recognise the hard work JCRs put in over the year and reps for the Freshers’ period. I attended and certainly wasn’t disappointed. On arriving at the black tie event, guests were greeted by three chocolate fountains and free champagne, and canapes throughout the night.

The big winners of the night were Liberty Point, taking the top prize “Best JCR”. Meanwhile Connaught, Archers Road and Glen Eyre all took the most awards home, with 4 each.

Anijit Aulkah said: “Freshers this year was an extremely memorable experience for me, be it the welcome parties, the roller disco night or the Freshers’ Ball. I hope it was the same for the freshers who came in as well. Working with not only the JCRs but the reps alike, made the entire experience so much better and to thank them all for their dedication and hardwork we thought to reward them with a nice and classy Oscar-esque night which everyone really loved. I’d like to personally thank and give a massive shout out to Frankie Mouat, the JCR Officer this year, for his hard work and input into freshers as well, as without him it just wouldn’t have been the same. I also can’t say enough how proud I am of everyone who helped with freshers and made it successful.”

At the end of the night, the attendees enjoyed a VIP night at Oceana, hosted by Stephanie Pratt.

Full list of winners below:

Most Welcoming JCR

Highly Commended: Montefiore

Winner: Connaught

Best Welcome Talk

Highly Commended: Archers Road

Winner: Bencraft

Best Social Media Engagement

Highly Commended: Glen Eyre

Winner: Archers Road

Worst Dancer

Highly Commended: Jenny Pain (Highfield)

Winner: Ryan Kemp (Chamberlain)

Best Dancer

Highly Commended: Tom Cross (Glen Eyre)

Winner: Nathan Ruttley (Private Rented)

Most Embarrassing Moment

Highly Commended: Ruphina Aura (Connaught)

Winner: Archers Road

Most Memorable Moment

Winner: Connaught, Montefiore and Chamberlain

Best JCR Spirit

Highly Commended: Erasmus Park

Winner: Chamberlain

Best Volunteers

Highly Commended: Jamie Wilson (Private Rented)

Highly Commended: Emily Postle (Erasmus Park)

Highly Commended: Alex McGregor (Monte)

Winner: Max Turner (Connaught)

JCR Officer Special Recognition

Highly Commended: Flora Noble (Glen Eyre)

Winner: Andy Ngai (Mayflower)

VP Student Communities Special Recognition

Highly Commended: Victoria Bone (Highfield)

Winner: Kate Thomas (Archers Road)

Best JCR

Highly Commended: Private Rented

Highly Commended: Highfield

Highly Commended: Glen Eyre

Winner: Liberty Point



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