The Best UK Beauty Boxes


There’s currently an upward trend with beauty subscription boxes. They are really good for sampling before you decide whether to go for a full size product or just for an element of surprise!  Below, I am  going to pick five and discuss their perks.


Birchbox has been a firm favourite over the US where the company based but its UK birchboxbranch are well received too. At the price of £10.00/month + £2.95 P&P, you get four to five products which you can preview on their website. You can also view contents of previous boxes to decide if you like their range of products.

2. Glossybox 

Glossybox is relatively cheaper at the price of £10.00/month with P&P included. You will get five products, two of which are full sized. You can also view previous boxes’ contents on their website. They also do not only include beauty products, there will sometimes be snacks or other items such as beauty tools. From time to time, they also release limited edition boxes. They put the release date online and you can pre-register with an email address to order the box when it is released. Past boxes have included brands such as Givenchy, Essie and Paul Mitchell. 

3. beauty boxes

feeluniqueTheir boxes are different as they are themed and individually differently priced depending on each box. This gives subscribers a wider range of choice in choosing a box they want, but there are no surprises in terms of revealing the content as it is all listed on their website. Beautifully presented, they make great gifts.

4. you beauty Discovery Box

They have the cheapest boxes at the price of £6.95/month with P&P included. What is special about them is you get to choose two products to add to the subscriptions. They also provide limited edition boxes in a similar style as’s beauty boxes, they are individually themed and priced, and you can view the contents of these boxes.

5. My Little Box

This is the latest addition to UK beauty subscription boxed, having only launched in October. From across France, they are the most expensive, at the price of £11.00/month + £3.95 P&P. However, My Litter Box is special in terms of they not only include beauty products, two of which even is of their own brand as well, they have accessories, a magazine and other surprise products. They only release contents of their boxes online after the boxes reached subscribers.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Which are your favourites? Let us know! 


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