Make Way for the New Age of Internet Celebrities


No matter how old we get, we as a human race still love to look up to celebrities, even more so in recent years as we can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – Kim Kardashian is hard to escape sometimes. However, as this digital landscape develops so does a new age of celebrities, celebrities who are like you and me, born through blogs, YouTube and an overall social media presence.

As a student I, like many of you, feel the pull of youtube celebrity imageprocrastination as the work piles up and the exams draw ever closer. So it is with this procrastination that I usually find myself reading blogs or watching YouTube videos and observing this new phenomenon of people making a living from sharing their talents, opinions and lives to the online world through blogging and vlogging.

If you are familiar with this corner of the internet you will know names such as The Shaytards, Zoella, Jenna Marbles, TheFineBros, PixiWoo… to name just a few. You may be reading this thinking- ‘I have never heard of these people’, but these independent content creators find themselves making hundreds of thousands of pounds (even millions) yearly from sharing their lives on the internet to millions of subscribers.

TheFineBros for example, famous for their reaction videos (Kids React, Teens React, etc…), have over 7 million subscribers and are thought to earn up to $2million a year from producing and sharing content on YouTube. Similarly The Shaytards who share their daily family lives on YouTube earn a hefty $1million annually, not to mention the recent sale of their YouTube company to Disney, which brought them millions. But it’s not all about the money – UK fashion and beauty vlogger and blogger Zoella has recently released her own beauty line, made appearances on UK chat shows and even is soon to release her own novel.

As these individuals slowly build up empires for themselves the possibilities are endless in the fast-moving digital age we live in. It is a fascinating switch from One Direction concerts to blogging conventions; and from reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians to daily vlogs from YouTubers. Obviously, this fame comes with drawbacks as you share your life with millions of viewers; but as self-employed careers go, it’s an impressive revolution for the creative writers and budding personalities of this world and shows us that the power of the internet should not be over-looked, as it opens up opportunities you may never have even considered before.


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