The #CameronMustGo, which criticised the Prime Minister and called for him to step down, has been trending for 5 days.


More than 400,000 tweets were sent using the hashtag, many of which criticised the record of the Prime Minister and the performance of the Coalition.

The hashtag was tweeted, and retweeted by big names such as Owen Jones, Ken Livingston, John Prescott, and Queen musician Brian May. As well as organisations and think-tanks such as Labour Left, and UK Uncut. It was used to criticise a number of the government’s actions, ranging from reform of the NHS to economic policy.

It started when two twitter users, called “Gail” and “Jon Swindon” urged their collective 5,000 followers to join them in tweeting #CameronMustGo

This comes in the wake of the recent defeat suffered by the Conservatives in the Rochester and Strood by election, which was won by UKIP’s Mark Reckless, who defected from the Conservative Party, as well as the recent opinion polls suggesting that Labour will win the general election in 2015. Polls also indicate increasing discontent with the Liberal Democrat half of the coalition, which many view as having betrayed its core values by allying with the Conservatives.


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    We did not vote for another war. We did not vote for you and your cowboys to sell our nhs. We did not vote for food banks. We did not vote for the cover up of pedophiles at the hands of the establishment. We did not vote for you to make us pooer. We don’t want a snoopers charter. We have had enough of you and your out of touch ways. The 3 billion pounds you have spent on the war we did not get a say in. Could of gone to helping the nhs traing course or to end poverty. Shame on you cameron.. #CameronMustGo

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