UKIP’s Former Leader Claims Gay Men Sleep with 20,000 People


Christopher Monckton, the former deputy leader of the UK Independence Party, has claimed gay men can sleep with up to 20,000 men in their lives. He also described HIV/AIDS as a ‘gay disease’.

Lord Monckton, was deputy leader of the Anti-EU party from 2009 to 2010, and was sacked from the party in 2013 for infighting. He made the remarks in a column for the Worldnet Daily website, entitled Calling the Non-Heterosexuals‘ bluff’. The article praises an Australian councillor for opposing efforts and initiatives within her local council to make people aware of LGBT issues, and, condemns homosexuality and accuses homosexuals of being ‘far more promiscuous than the heterosexual community’.

The article accused homosexuality of being the main cause for the spread of HIV/AIDS “HIV is chiefly a disease of homosexuals and drug-abusers”. Monckton also suggested that ‘a far greater percentage of homosexuals than heterosexuals do drugs’.  

HIV is chiefly a disease of homosexuals and drug-abusers

Lord Monckton
Former UKIP deputy leader

Lord Monckton also accused homosexuals of hiding their true intentions, claiming that the LGBT community had shifted the debate from ‘the gross damage caused by deviant sexual practices’ to celebrating  ‘what is misleadingly presented as a valid alternative lifestyle.‘ He added that he believed gay marriage was not fair on children as he believed that adoption wasn’t fair and most homosexual partners lasted ‘a few hours’.

This is not the first time that those linked to the UK Independence Party have made headlines due to their public statements – the Yorkshire and Humber MEP Godfrey Bloom made headlines last September after branding women who do not clean behind their fridges as ‘sluts’, while Oxfordshire Councillor David Silvester was suspended from the party in January this year for suggesting that the government’s decision to legalise gay marriage was responsible for flooding.


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