Perfect Party Hairstyles


Party season is full swing and so it’s the perfect time to try out a new look. Unlike buying an outfit, a new hairstyle can be mastered for no cost at all! Here are my key looks for the season along with some useful tutorial videos to teach you how to get to grips with the styles. 

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1.Boho Plaited Updo 

This ‘do looks fabulous and can be adapted to suit any occasion. It doesn’t have to be perfect – the messier the better! It works best if you can already French plait, so if you can’t, have a look at this tutorial to show you how!

For this updo, you may need to practice a few times as it can be a little tricky to master at first, but the beautiful results are definitely worth it!

A useful video tutorial (which offers a slightly different variation of the style from the image to the left)  can also be found here.






2. 60’s Beehive 


bardot hair
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This is an iconic style which never goes out of date and is surprisingly easy to recreate. You will need a backcombing comb, lots of bobby pins and some hairspray.
For a quick and easy tutorial, click here to learn how to master the Bardot beehive in only a matter of minutes. You don’t need to use as much heat as other styles require as the main focus is on the volume of the hair in the crown.

The natural texture of the hair is incorporated into the style, so, unless you want to,  you don’t need to straighten or curl the lengths of the hair.


3. Hollywood Waves 

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Image via

The ultimate glamorous and timeless hairdo, this look is perfect for a special occasion you’ll be attending this party season. You will need to use a curling tong and plenty of styling clips to achieve this look. You will also need to set aside enough time before your event to prepare your hair with this look as it needs to cool after being curled.

After searching (a lot!) for a tutorial which is useful and easy to master, I found this video which explains the styling technique in easy to follow steps.

Do you have any favourite party hairstyles? Let us know us if you try any new ones this season! 




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