RAG’s Christmas Fair to Open on Campus


Tomorrow, on Tuesday 9th December, the RAG Christmas Fair will be open across SUSU and the Red Brick.

The event will be one of the last opportunities to get involved with RAG before the Christmas holidays, and the event promises to be plenty of fun; RAG are collaborating with societies from around the University to bring all kinds of entertainment, gifts, food and beverages.

RAG Christmas Fair opens tomorrow on 9th December
The RAG Christmas Fair opens tomorrow on 9th December

The Mellodics Choir and dance society Afrodynamix will be performing, GameSoc is setting up consoles in SUSU, Southampton Hubs will be letting you decorate your own gingerbread men, and students raising money for RAG Challenge trip events will be holding games stalls including a mince pie eating contest.

Further food offerings include traditional food from the Bulgarian society, crepes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and homemade seasonal baked goods.

This may also be a fantastic time to do some Christmas shopping as YogaSoc will be selling crafts and jewellery, and RAG themselves will be selling this year’s University Naked Calendar.

This is a charitable event, so all funds raised from the Christmas Fair will go to charity, including this year’s chosen RAG charities, chosen by students. These comprise of international WaterAid, the UK wide care and support charity the Teenage Cancer Trust, and the local SolentMind, Hampshire’s leading mental health charity.

Dogs and puppies from local charity Woofability will be also at the concourse between 12:00pm and 4:00pm; Woofability train assistance dogs to help disabled owners with everyday tasks such as emptying the washing machine and pressing the button at traffic lights, as well as giving them confidence and generally improving lives.

RAG Collections Officer, Rianna Vlierboom, commented:

The Christmas Fair will be a great end to the term, and get everyone in the festive spirit. This is a great chance to see what RAG and other charitable societies around the University have to offer. We’d love to see you there! […] We have plenty of other events already planned for the New Year, which though they might involve slightly fewer mince pies still promise to be plenty of fun!”


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