British Teenagers Are More Positive About the EU than Adults


Business for New Europe, the business group that makes the positive economic case for EU membership, has recently published research which shows that people under 18 are more positive about staying in the EU. And are also displaying a more positive attitude to the free movement of people.

The online survey, undertaken by the independent polling group YouGov, shows that out of a sample of 533 adults, 38% would vote to stay in, with 41% voting to leave. This compares with the figures of 45% of 14-17 year-olds voting to stay in, with 23% voting to leave. The sample size of the teenagers involved in the survey was not disclosed, although the published research states that:

The figures have been weighted and are representative of British 14-to-17 year olds.

Unsurprisingly, the Business for New Europe group have called on politicians for a reduction in the voting age in any potential referendum on EU membership, probably to 16, similar to that of the Scottish referendum earlier this year.

The survey also covered attitudes towards immigration, with 51% of 14-to-17 year olds saying that immigrants contribute positively to ‘Britain’s way of life’ compared to 29% saying the opposite. This again compares favourably to over-18’s, with 39% saying that immigrants contributed positively and 44% saying they do not.


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