81% of Students Believe Their Degree is Too Expensive


A new survey from Student Money Saver has suggested 81% of students believe they are overpaying for their tuition fees. This reaffirms the belief that tuition fees are a constant cause of conflict in the current political climate. 

Undeniably, student fees touch a chord amongst all of us. The big nine followed by three zeroes (and let’s not forget the maintenance loan) set students up for a grim financial future. The student  protests going on across the country, show that fees are an issue of discontent. And the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) are suggesting there are plans for fees to rise further. In light of this, an investigation done by studentmoneysaver.co.uk confirms this, a lot of us feel we are paying to much for our degrees.

There was no surprise, that the survey of 1000 students resulted in 81% believing they were overpaying for their degree, and only 18% stating that their degrees are worth more than £8000. The survey also looked at how much the group felt they should be paying for their degree, as well as considering the effect their degree would have on their future and career prospects. In terms of valuing their degrees, 58% believed that they should be paying £2000-6000. At present, £6000 stands as the lower limit of what some universities charge today, indicating a desire return to a time, where tuition fees were around the £3,000 mark.

It’s not all complete doom and gloom, 56% of people surveyed felt that they would eventually be able to repay the cost over their degree over the course of their working life. 44% believed their degree is worth the money regardless of the costs. And 69% where in agreement with the fact that they ultimately  would benefit, with better job prospects because of their degree.

So although the survey indicates towards general dissatisfaction, none of us will be throwing our expensive books aside quite yet.




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