Tories Will Revoke Fox Hunting Ban if Elected in 2015


The Conservative party will hold a vote, in an attempt to legalise fox hunting if they are elected into power next May.

The 2004 Hunting Act, which came to force under the previous Labour Government could be repealed on the basis of a free vote of MPs in the House of Commons.

The issue has been on the party’s agenda for quite some time featuring in the 2010 Party Manifesto, which deemed the  current act to be ‘unworkable’. Nick Parrish, parliamentary researcher for the Conservative Rural Action group perceives the issue  “a matter of freedom and livelihood and should be put right.”

It is subject which has united the political right,  being opposed by both  David Cameron and Farage. However, Labour have openly issued a joint challenge to UKIP and the Conservatives. In a letter to the opposing party leaders, Shadow Cabinet Minister Jonathan Ashworth wrote:

“Given your parties respective stances on fox hunting, and given that 80% of the public back the hunting ban, I am writing to ask if you will rule out the possibility of a vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act as part of a 2015 post-electoral deal.”

Although, the UKIP spokesman has declared the topic to be not of  pressing importance for them and the Tory party is yet to confirm the contents of its manifesto for next year, the issue of fox hunting raises important questions about cultural heritage and ethics, and animal welfare.



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    Am I the only one who thinks the headline is misleading given the facts presented in the article?
    While Conservative form shows it’s likely, I wouldn’t say it’s a certainty?

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    A completely misleading article:
    a) Putting it to a vote in the House of Commons does not mean that is is definite;
    b) The words ‘is’ and ‘could’ mean completely different things
    c) How can a policy be definite if there is no conformation in a manifesto?

    Bridie Pearson-Jones

    Hi, sorry if you felt this was misleading. It was implied in the article that the manifesto will state there will be a vote held – as this is the way legalisation is passed. Sorry if you didn’t understand that, it’s now been updated so this is explicit.

    The Conservative party have said it will be included in their 2015 manifesto – so it’s pretty likely it will be, of course this doesn’t mean it will definitely happen – it’s one of the many things they promised in their 2010 manifesto that hasn’t come to light.

    However, we are unable to predict the future, so we can assume there will be something along the lines of this in their 2015 manifesto: “The Hunting Act has proved unworkable. A Conservative government will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the hunting act on a free vote, with a government bill in government time.” (This was taken from the 2010 manifesto). This article has always clearly stated that it will be based on a free vote – by all means it’s not a certainty, but we can’t assume that promises will be broken.

    This article is similar in the style to many of the national coverage of the issue:

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