The Shop on Campus is Changing


The Shop on Campus is changing its main supplier of food and drinks products to Spar.

SUSU have reported that this change will see an investment of around £90,000 to be spent within the Shop area including new coolers, an off-licence area, new till systems, new hot display counters, new space efficient layouts and a general makeover.

SUSU have also stated that whilst this change is undergoing, the aim is for members and customers to feel minimal disruption as the work is intended to be done out of hours.

As well as this, the former Wessex Clothing outlet is also undergoing a refurbishment and is to become “The Shop on Top” which will be opening following extensive refurbishment on the 1st February 2015. “The Shop on Top” will be a retail outlet selling clothing range, giftware and additional stationery items.

SUSU believe these investments, along with the changes in supply, will help speed up service, deliver more varied selections and keep facilities modern and relevant to customer needs.

The investments are said to be fully operational by Easter.


BA English student at the University of Southampton and News Editor of the Wessex Scene 2014-2015.

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