Carlos Saavedra To Talk In Southampton


As 2015 enters its second month and the General Elections creep closer, Hope Not Hate will be hosting a talk in Southampton on February 3rd to discuss one of the key election agendas: immigration reform.

They will be joined by the man that the Huffington Post said, “single-handedly changed the direction of the Obama administration’s immigration policy”.

Carlos Saavedra is the co-founder of the largest youth-led immigration organisation in America, ‘United We Dream’. He, and the many millions that joined him, nicknamed DREAMers, have led the charge;  forcing President Obama to bypass Congress in order to tackle immigration reform. Saavedra trained and inspired thousands of students in order to put pressure on Obama, who has since signed executive orders that move America  towards the realisation of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (commonly known as the DREAM Act). The legislation would create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

There is still much work to be done but Saavedra believes that “people [in the States] are beginning to see past the negative connotations of immigration”.

Saavedra’s alliance with Hope Not Hate, one of the largest anti-racist organisations in the country, will look to challenge those same negative connotations that appear on this side of the pond. He will also be talking about what the community can do, how to organise and why it is so important that people get involved.

With the 2015 election agenda still seemingly being set by UKIP, the alliance between Saavedra and Hope Not Hate is a fantastic opportunity to hear a more positive outlook on immigration, a view which, in Saavedra’s words, “embraces diversity, protects people from persecution [and]wants people here who can contribute to our society and our economy”. 

The location of Saavedra’s talk is yet to be confirmed – you can keep up to date with details here. 


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