Exam Limbo: What To Do With Your New Free Time


tumblr_l2xvzblawi1qblgcqo1_500_largeSo exams are over. You can exhale that breath you’ve been holding in since late November, throw away all the notes you never want to see ever again ever and settle back in bed, comfortable in the knowledge that you don’t have to sit in front of another exam paper for at least a couple of months.

Thus ensues the Exam Limbo which follows the dreaded exam period, the few weeks before work starts to build up again and you remember why you came to university again. In these few quiet weeks, you can do all the things you’ve been putting off for a while and enjoy just living the university experience without feeling like there’s definitely a past paper you should be looking at.

Here are some of my recommendations of things you can do in the next couple of weeks to make the most of your sort-of responsibility-free weeks:

Clubs and Societies

Especially if you’re a Fresher, but actually for anyone out there, you’ve probably been putting off signing up to something for the whole of the first semester. That club you signed up to at the Bunfight in Freshers’ Week has no doubt been bombarding you with emails ever since – now is the time to get involved! Chances are at least one of the hundreds of clubs you guiltily signed up to would actually interest you, so try some things out. It’s tempting to just spend your time going out and (sometimes) studying while at university, but remember that this is possibly the only time in your life where you won’t have somewhere to be for a large part of the day every day, and with so many different opportunities right at your doorstep, give something new a go!


For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it tends to describe the act of trying out a new TV show, becoming obsessed, and watching every one of52d5e156b514d.image_ its episodes back to back until you are nothing more than a pile of clothes and food wrappers in your bed.

Some might argue that this pastime is a waste, that you should be outside, enjoying the fresh air and company of real people, rather than the characters in your shows. They’d be wrong.

1) It is winter. It is cold. Why would I leave the warmth of my bed for anything less than an emergency, or to restock on snacks?

2) Mike and Harvey from Suits get me like nobody else does. Why can’t you just leave us be and allow us to be happy?


The end of exams is the perfect opportunity to watch all the shows you couldn’t let yourself watch while revising because you knew studying would go out the window in place of the new Orange Is The New Black episode. Make the most of guilt-free television and watch to your heart’s content.

Work Experience

Although I may have just gone Get-your-future-startedon about how this is the perfect time to waste time watching television, it is a good chance to think about the future.

I know, I know, bleurgh, the future? That doesn’t affect us right? We shouldn’t have to be thinking about important things like that, when we’ve only just managed to work out how the washing machine works.

However, if you’re thinking about doing something productive with your summer, lots of work experience and internship placements take people on a good few months before the actual placement, so now is the time to start looking up options, without the guilt of thinking you should be revising.


Looking-For-a-JobEqually, you might have realised that, following the Christmas holidays and a week or two of excessive celebrations following the end of exams, you now in fact have no money, a horrifying realisation we’ve all experienced at some point. If this is you, now is a great chance to try and find a job – Portswood and the town centre are full of student-friendly job opportunities, as is the university itself, so use your free time to look for work, so that you can fund your Netflix membership or your next trip to Jesters.

So there you have it. Don’t let yourself get to the mid-term assignments and realise all you’ve done for the last few weeks is sleep. Hey, sleeping’s great, don’t get me wrong, but why sleep when there’s another episode of Breaking Bad to watch?


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