SUSUtv Takes on Top Gear


Last night saw Southampton’s very own TV station, SUSUtv, rise to the challenge of creating their own rendition of the ongoing iconic BBC series, Top Gear. 

Much like the famous Clarkson, Hammond and May, SUSUtv presenters Tom Watson Brown, Tom Smith and Jack Sims, believed that their methods of transport, beginning at Highfield interchange, would take them to the finish line first in a traditional Top Gear race. In this case, the finish line was the top of the Spinnaker Tower in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

Tom Watson Brown had decided to put his trust in public transport, despite the fact that he had never ridden the train before. (The truth of this becomes apparent when you watch the VT itself) Tom Smith believed that the bike was the best way to pedal him to the finish, and Jack thought a car (best driven by someone else, the ‘Stag’) would be the clear winner. Against popular belief, the finishing result may surprise you.

A sneak peak of Tom Watson Brown’s segment.


The tremendous trio presented their findings to an audience last night in the Cube, with the crowd gathered around the SUSUtv stars, much like the real setup. Except for the fact that the mid life crisis floral shirts were replaced by preppy attire belonging to the younger generation’s style, except for Watson Brown’s timeless yet outstanding silk cravat, of course.

The VT they put up for the audience took on the big screen of the cube. Besides the camera shots from Smith’s bike helmet making myself and other audience members nauseated, the content contained much of the classic humour executed by the real Top Gear team.

It was one of those events that you would simply have to have been there for to fully immerse yourself and to enjoy what was clearly a very well thought out project. Albeit the audience could have been larger, their was no doubting how much work the presenters and crew had put into the event, and they were certainly thanked through the laughter and applause of the audience that night.

And last but not least, a big congratulations to the ruthlessly cursing but determined cyclist and presenter, Tom Smith – the official winner of SUSUtv Does Top Gear!

You can watch the VT yourself shortly, released by SUSUtv in the coming days.


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