Men’s Rights Party Set To Contest in General Elections


A Men’s Rights and Anti-Feminist party Justice For Men and Boys (and the women who love them), is set to stand in this years General Election contesting three seats including the constituency of Gloria De Piero, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities.

The party seeks to raise awareness for an allegd institutional bias against men in what party leader Mike Buchanan suggests is an ‘anti-male’ state. Buchanan – who left the Conservative party as a consultant in 2009 – formed the party in 2013 after David Cameron vowed to give his support to all women parliamentary candidate short lists.

The party manifesto declares,‘J4MB [Justice for men and boys] to be ‘the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, but it is only one element in a burgeoning global men’s human rights movement.’

J4MB will have party members, Ian Young, contending in Sherwood against Conservative MP Mark Spencer, Ray Barry, leader of campaign group Fathers for Real Justice will be up against Conservative MP Anne Soubry in Broxtowe, and party Leader,  Buchanan will be challenging Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities and Labour MP for Ashfield, Gloria De Piero.

The party’s emotionally charged eighty page manifesto, outlines policies on a range of issues, including some which may be traditionally seen to be women’s issue such as ‘abortion’, as well as others such as ‘armed forces veterans’ mental health issues’ and ‘political representation’ for men. A continued theme within the manifesto is the highlighting of the disadvantages and inequality men face in a society where, the party believes,  policy making is aligned in favour of women, and women’s mental health and safety is prioritised over that of men’s such as in cases of paternity rights and the allocation of shelter within domestic violence refuges. In addition to this the manifesto is openly critical and scathing of the feminist movement as being ‘built upon baseless conspiracy theories’.

Buchanan in an interview with BBC 2’s Jeremy Vine stated

‘We think basically, it’s about time men and boys are represented, men are half the electorate and there are a huge number of areas where women are advantaged, primarily by the actions of the inaction of state and I am not aware of a single area where women are disadvantaged relative to men.’


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