Police Offer to Investigate Immigration Street Allegations


Hampshire Police have offered to investigate any alleged attacks made on the film crews of Immigration Street.

Those behind the shows production claimed that residents on the streets directed violence at them during filming and that they were forced to bring in extra security to ensure staff safety.

Photo Credit: Channel 4
Photo Credit: Channel 4


Factual creative director of Love Productions, Kieran Smith, told the Radio Times that the crews were subject to “physical intimidation from a criminal gang that didn’t want us there to film their activities.”

He claimed that “They threw rocks and eggs at the crew. People were threatened with having acid thrown over them, and having their fingers chopped off.”

The constabulary have agreed to investigate any attacks, but say that Channel 4 must provide them with their footage before they begin.

After the documentary was aired, in a statement Superintendent James Fulton said:

“Having now had the opportunity to view the documentary Immigration Street, we have again asked Channel 4 whether the production crew wish to pursue any of the complaints made in the film and whether they will give us their footage which will enable us to fully examine all available evidence.

“We await its response. In the meantime we will be reviewing the programme again, considering any potential offences.

“We continue to focus on ensuring all members of our community are safeguarded and that no one is left vulnerable as a result of this programme.”


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