Union Pledge to Sell Sanitary Items at Cost Price


From 1st March, the Union will be selling sanitary items at cost price, according to a blog post released today, by Union President David Mendoza-Wolfson. 

This comes following a national campaign petitioning the Chancellor of the Exchequer to stop taxing sanitary items as a luxury good.

Southampton follows the example of UEA, Imperial, Leicester and Brighton for selling sanitary items without profit.  The Union is also encouraging students to sign the change.org petition to stop this ‘period tax’. The Union are also looking to expand their range of products to include mooncups. There will also be a vote at the next Union Council to officially support the national campaign to abolish this tax.

Speaking to Wessex Scene, acting Feminist Society President Natalie Rowell said:

We think that it is a brilliant precedent to be set by SUSU in their decision to sell sanitary items at cost price at the Union Shop. I think most people can agree that sanitary items are hardly a ‘luxury’, but rather a necessity that many of our students have to purchase. It was brought to our attention recently on our page, and we’ve obviously been concerned about it before, but the fact that SUSU made this decision without much of a prompt from us is really encouraging.

Union President David Mendoza-Wolfson said

We decided it because it’s been being talked about quite a lot amongst national press and our students. Frankly, when I read all about it I was shocked and so we decided to do something about it!


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