Scenes of Reason – A New Service to Engage Young People in Politics


Today, Scenes of Reason has launched, a political news service praised as “Video Wikipedia“. It’s aim is simply to decode the news, and engage young people ahead of May’s General Election – which will perhaps be the most important in a generation. 

 69% of young adults are disengaged with politics, and  78% of young adults learn news from social media. A service like this is long overdue.


Scenes of Reason is a video bulletin service, as well as an online paper using young experts to engage 16-28 year olds in no-nonsense, non-partisan news, with accessible information. At its heart, Scenes of Reason will be a website to use inclusive debate, interactive discussion on issues both inside and outside mainstream news.

Will this work? I hope so. 89% of young adults say they will appreciate a service that covers the basics of topics covered in the news, regularly, and 86% of young adults are dissatisfied with their ability to influence what happens in their life.

Scenes of Reason have already teamed up with prominent young members of the youth sectors belonging to SNP, The Green Party, The Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Conservative and Labour including Deputy Leader of The Green Party Amelia Womack. All of these are aimed at Young People understanding what political parties are, and aim to achieve.

The websites founder, 23 year old Olivia Cappuccini said:

“Many young adults are intimidated by the news and feel incredibly distant from Westminster and Brussels. The fact is that the issues dominating the political agenda affect everyone, everywhere, all the time; not least young adults.

“We are building a viewer-led video encyclopedia to demystify and de-code the 21st century political discourse which is too-often distorted by spin, un-accessible language and media bias.

“When it comes to the news, young adults increasingly prefer to watch than to read. It’s about time they had content created by and for them. That’s our mission statement and it’s more important as the General Election approaches”


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