For those who did not manage to catch up with the SUSUtv live stream, The Wessex Scene are proud to announce the complete list of next year’s sabbatical team and their student leaders. Less students voted this year, with only 5,829 votes being cast, compared to 6,517 last year.

Union President


Benjamin Franklin

Student Trustee: Nathe Jenkins

Vice President Democracy & Creative Industries


Kerry Sclater

Student Groups Officer: Trini Philip

Surge Radio Station Manager: Dan Linstead

SUSUtv Station Manager: Christopher Evans

The Edge Editor:  Natalie Fordham

Union Films Cinema Manager: Christina Vinothan

Wessex Scene Editor: Bridie Pearson-Jones

Vice President Education


Shruti Verma

Business & Law Faculty Officer: Marc Goh

Engineering & Environment Faculty Officer: Vinnie Sivadev

Health Sciences Faculty Officer: Daniel Browning

Humanities Faculty Officer: Frazer Delves

Physical Sciences & Engineering Faculty Officer: Giles Howard

Social & Human Sciences Faculty Officer: Harriet Hall

Vice President Engagement


Hannah Talbot

RAG Officer: Kieran Reals

Vice President Sports Development


Jamie Wilson

Athletic Union Officer: Katie Lightowler

Vice President Student Communities

anjit Anjit Aulakh

JCR Officer: Flora Noble

Vice President Welfare


Sam Bailey

Ethics and Environment Officer: Amy Paraskeva

Housing Officer: Louise Bellamy

Nightline Officer: Luke Hashman

Union Councillors: Alex Howard, Kokulan Mahendiran, Jade Head, Zehong Au, Pippa Pearce

The following positions had no nominations this year:
Winchester (Site) Officer
National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer
Post-Graduate Officer (Research)
Medicine Faculty Officer
Natural and Environmental Sciences Faculty Officer
Enterprise Officer
Wellbeing Officer
Sports Participation Officer
Intramural Officer
Equality & Diversity Officer
Charities and Community Officer
International Students’ Officer

The Wessex Scene congratulates all the winners this year and everyone who took part in the SUSU Elections 2015.

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