BBC Breakfast to Interview Southampton Students About the General Election


BBC Breakfast will be bringing their ‘red sofa’ to the University of Southampton next Thursday 23rd April to interview selected students about their views on the upcoming General Election.

The visit is part of BBC Breakfast’s ‘red sofa tour’ across the UK to mark the start of the General Election 2015 campaign.

Students will be interviewed in small groups and asked two main questions:

1. What issues around education do students care about – particularly focusing on higher education and what is most important to them.

2. Students’ interpretation or view of how politicians are speaking to them and their peers – are politicians doing enough to engage younger voters, has anything put them off or switched them on?

The interviews will last a few minutes and will be pre-recorded. They will then be edited for broadcast on the following Friday morning for the BBC Breakfast show.

Students who are interested in taking part must be free for filming during 11:30-13:30 on Thursday 23 April and will need for fill in this form. There will be a selection process so that the BBC will be able to ensure that a variety of differing opinions is heard.

The BBC highlights that taking part in the recordings will not guarantee an appearance on television. However, the University will record the audio and it is possible that the material will then be used by the University online and in other opportunities over the coming weeks.

Last week, the team brought the red sofa tour to Newport in Wales:

Students selected for the interview will be notified by Sunday 19 April. For further information please contact James Edwards, Politics & International Relations Academic Vice President.


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