Postgrad Student Sentenced to Six Months Imprisonment After Taking Photos of Female Halls-mates Showering


Qilei Ren, 23, a Software Engineering Masters student at the University of Southampton has been sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to voyeurism, after taking photos of two female students showering, according to the Daily Echo. 

Southampton Crown Court heard that Ren who is originally from Wuxi, China, used his ‘bright yellow minion phone case’  [from the film, Despicable Me]to take photos of women in the shower in a University Halls, believed to have been Glen Eyre. The alarm was raised when one of the women noticed a phone poking over the top of the shower.

Police later found 47 photos of two naked women in the shower on his phone.

Judge Peter Henry, described the case as a ‘grave violation‘ adding:

This is not an offence where people were subjected to physical contact but nonetheless what you did was a grave violation so far as these two women are concerned. It’s hardly surprising that they felt uncomfortable and paranoid and violated. You could only have done that for your own sexual gratification and there’s some recognition that this is the reason for it. It’s quite clear that both these women have been significantly affected by what you did.

One of the victims has changed Universities due to trauma relating to this case.

The court heard that Ren planned to stay at the University to do his PhD until the court case.

Ren’s lawyer, Victoria Hill said:

He felt regret and was disgusted with himself and deleted the pictures from his phone. He said it was a relief when he was arrested because the conduct he pursued was not right and he said he made wrong decisions and needs to pay for them.”

If you’ve been affected by this story or ever find yourself in similar circumstances we urge you to contact the SUSU Advice Centre. You can call them on 023 8059 2085 or email them


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