SUSU Elections 2016: Exit Polls


With all votes being sealed at 4pm today – we’ve taken a look at who’s ahead in the SUSU elections votes.

Last year, we correctly predicted 6 out of the 7 sabbatical candidates, will we do as well this year?

For the first time in recent years 3 out of the 7 sabbatical positions were uncontested. However, these candidates are not a shoo-in, as all candidates run against RON (Re-Open Nominations).

You can check out our interviews with all the candidates here. 


There were 5 Presidential candidates running in this years elections – that’s more than double last year’s two horse race, although significantly fewer than the 10 people who ran two years ago.

Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries

VP DCI started off with four contenders, but one dropped out almost immediately.

VP Education 

For the second year in a row,  this role was uncontested.

VP Sports Development

Last year, this was the most contested role with four candidates, this has dropped to only 1 this year.

Vice President Engagement

Last year this was the closest of all races, with only a handful of votes between the winning and losing candidate. This year, it is uncontested.

Vice President Student Communities

This is the only all-female zone and holds 3/5 of all the women running in this election.

Vice President Welfare

Some people are saying this role is the hardest to call, with three experienced candidates running.


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