Union Elections 2017: Who’s Running?


Wessex Scene can now officially reveal the candidates running for both Full-Time Officer and Student Leader Roles in the Union Elections this year.

17 candidates are standing for Full-Time Officer roles. Although this figure is fewer than in previous years, there are only two uncontested positions. Overall there are 51 candidates running for both Full-Time Officer and Student Leader roles, which indicates a general decline in student participation in Union Southampton Politics down from 56 last year.

Full-Time Officers:

VP Welfare:

  • Leyla Elsey
  • Liam St Denis
  • Sam Higman

VP Sports Development:

  • Benjamin Parker
  • Stephen Gore

VP Engagement:

  • Dan Varley
  • Thomas Gravatt

VP Education:

  • Samuel Dedman

VP Democracy and Creative Industries:

  • Amelia Ng
  • Evie Reilly
  • Greg Williams

VP Student Communities:

  • Arun Aggarwal

Union President:

  • Alex Hovden
  • Flora Noble
  • Henry Lane
  • Kirby Leo Field Moore
  • Simon Pinney
Source: Freya Jeffries

Student Leaders:

Wessex Scene Editor:

  • Freya Millard
  • Natasha Dennington

Ethical and Environmental Officer:

  • Ellis Murrell
  • James Lawson

Halls Officer:

  • Emily Dawes
  • Rupert Molyneux
  • Tess Voysey

Health Sciences Faculty Officer:

  • Rebecca Thomsen

Humanities Faculty Officer:

  • Petra Jones

International Students’ Officer:

  • Haris Constantinou
  • Jessica Gildemann
  • Mehmet Karaoglan

Medical Society President:

  • Michael Carvill
  • Vikash Dodhia

Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President):

  • Anna Halstead

Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer:

  • Giles Howard

RAG President:

  • Charlotte Morris

Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences Faculty Officer:

  • Adrian Li
  • Haris Constantinou
  • Subrit Thapa

Student Enterprise Officer:

  • Indraneel Gunturi

Student Trustee:

  • Hadeeka Taj
  • Haris Constantinou
  • Rebecca James

Surge Radio Station Manager:

  • Brandon Mulliner
  • Xavier Voigt-Hill

SUSUtv Station Manager:

  • Danny Rickard

The Edge Editor:

  • George Seabrook
  • James Barker

Union Films Cinema Manager:

  • Colm Appleby Kenny
  • Max Hayman

Wellbeing Officer

  • Isabella Camilleri
  • Laura Barr

WSA Academic Officer:

  • Catalina Russell


All candidates run against Re-Open Nominations (RON).

Positions with no candidates are:

  • Student Groups Officer
  • Business, Law and Art Faculty Officer
  • Engineering & the Environment Faculty Officer
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences Faculty Officer
  • Physical Sciences & Engineering Faculty Officer
  • Community & Volunteering Officer
  • Athletic Union Officer
  • Intra-Mural Officer
  • Sports Participation Officer
  • National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer
  • Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer
  • Winchester Campus President
  • Equality and Diversity Officer
  • Housing Officer
  • Nightline Officer

If you are interested in running for any of these unfilled positions in the future you can email democracy@unionsouthampton.org.


Wessex Scene Politics Editor 2016/17 Modern History and Politics Student

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