The War on Immigration


Calling all supporters of the infamous ‘War on immigration’; go and suck on the gear stick of your son’s foreign sports car, you scare-mongering pricks. ‘Oh no, the Romanians and Bulgarians are coming! What ever shall we do Watson?’ ‘Well Watson, using the science of deduction we should obviously act likes Nazis and smack up border patrol tenfold is what.’ To all those holding a pulse, we’ll appreciate that this ‘logic’ is as useful as William Hague is to his wife’s libido. Can we imagine a modern nation where its population consists of humans born in other countries? Where are those Jews, let’s just blame them. Tories, such as the lard-ass spoon-faced twat that is Ian Duncan Smith, are crying because as of January 2014 Britain is apparently going to be invaded by the entire population of Eastern Europe. To this it needs to be said that by following such a belief, one goes against the idea of ‘free movement’.

Let me ask this, would you like to be allowed to have access to the opportunity of working and living abroad in, for example, France, or Greece, or Japan, or Bulgaria for that matter? The answer, if you believe that we as the leading species on this planet should work together and not isolate ourselves behind the veil of xenophobia and prejudice, is a resounding yes. I honestly stand that even Ali G’s immigration policy is preferable to this warped Tory ideal; only let the fit ones in, that way we can contain Theresa May and make sure that she never touches the gene pool. I don’t know about anyone else, but if my kid came out like that I’d have no choice but to utilise the good old medieval tactic of slipping it down the nearest well.

In an article published by The Daily Telegraph, Mr. Duncan Smith, in a bid to convince that British people are the superior race, told readers to look at our history. So I did. Our history is one of a country that was once an Empire spanning most of the planet, from the West Indies to Australasia, places where we left both our people to populate and our ideas to permeate. We wanted as much as we could, so was the nature of the British Empire’s expansion. Trading posts were set up, and the British Empire prospered. Fantastic. As a result of the endeavours of Empires like those of Britain, France, Holland and Spain, we as a race in turn nurtured globalisation, a process whereby goods are exchanged between nations, resulting in nations being more in touch with the processes, cuisines and customs of societies from far and wide. Following this, the development of transportation mechanisms meant that more and more people could move from nation to nation in order to work, find salvation, explore and live. This is immigration.

Fast forward to now, by placing Britain on a pedestal and singling out Bulgarians and Romanians as scoundrels, not only would it be racist but it would go against the positive currents of globalisation. Such a xenophobic policy goes against what we, as a supposedly free country, stand for. If those in need have the chance at a better life, who are we to deny that? We have every right to say what we want, but we have, categorically, no right to deny someone the chance of a better life. It should also be publicised that whilst the forces within our incumbent Government are telling us that these homicidal suicidal maniacs are stealing all our money, the highest-paid 2,714 bankers are set for a £98.5m tax cut. Maybe we’re worrying about the wrong people here? Why rob the poor and give the super-rich a tax break? ‘Oh, erm, they “stimulate” revenue’ are the words that leak from the constantly constipated complexion of Mr. Osbourne (which of course is not a guarantee, as by giving the top bankers a 10% cut from 50% to 40%, this by no means equates to spending in domestic markets.) These individuals are left with around – on average – an extra £36,000 each, now tell me why you’re complaining about people coming here with the hope of just having a better life. Remember those things called ‘expenses’ too? The Government really needs to look at itself and who it is accusing and demonising. Robin Hood would not be a happy boy.


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    maybe we should take the world on.come on,all foreigners,come and live in this wee island.Hey,we have no space in schools and hospitals nor houses for our own people,but the writer of this clearly belives we can and should be paying everyone ,no matter that they dont pay a penny in tax,

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