For the Republic! An Argument Against The Monarchy


As the nation welcomes Kate and William’s second child with seemingly unanimous euphoria, the ideals of equality and democracy shrink in the shadows as this hypocrisy we call ‘constitutional monarchy’ casts over us.

Forgive me for being a kill joy and not grinning ear to ear with national pride when I see prince George being carried by William to the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very adorable and the husk that carries my stone heart can appreciate a small child being all small and childish. However my opinion of the system of monarchy has changed as I’ve grown up and realised as magical and wonderful as royalty seems in Disney, in reality it is an abomination.

‘how can one believe in divine things but not divine beings?’

The idea that a baby or a grown man or an old woman is superior to me or anyone because of a ‘divine right’ is abhorrent. Our monarchy we hold with such esteem is a symbol of what’s wrong with society: it is a symbol of the class system which puts birth right over merit. By supporting the monarchy we tacitly support the idea that there are those better than us because they were born better. With a growing atheist population in this country this is something that simply astounds me – that more of us are questioning the existence of god but support an institution supposedly chosen by god is reminiscent of Socrates defence: how can one believe in divine things but not divine beings?

‘how can we stand and promote equality?’

But let us take it further, how can we stand and promote equality? Sexual equality, feminism, religious  equality, social equality and all these wonderful causes that aim to fight back the cancers that riddle our society, that leave so many of us feeling cast aside when we not only live under, but support a system that has historically fought against these things. This still stands to remind us that no matter how hard we try, we will never truly be equal because we simply weren’t born equal.

Yes I understand the monarchy brings in a lot of money through tourism and yes the Queen has no real power and I do not believe that by simply becoming a Republic all these problems we face that I have mentioned will miraculously dissipate, but I believe it will serve to rejuvenate the population, that such a gesture in support of the people will inspire a generation. It will convey a feeling of true empowerment, that we are a democracy, that the people rule, rather than an elite class of individuals who were lucky enough to fall out between the legs of someone whose ancestors down the line, happened to hold position in a world now completely alien to us. At the very least, it would serve as a point of digression in human history, where people evolved beyond monarchical fallacy and put greater faith in themselves.

Now I’m not suggesting a Game of Thrones style purge of the royal family, and I have no reservations that those who hold unjust titles are probably very nice people. However I hope for the day when we as a people have a little bit more belief in ourselves and see the true costs of living under a system of circumstance and not merit.


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    The Monarchy gave up the Divine Right to Rule in the 17th century, it’s not really correct to refer to our monarchy in this way.

    The main question has to come from the constitutional point of view, this being more evolutionary than revolutionary in this country, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

    As a ‘Crowned Republic’ it is useful, if nothing else, to place a lot of prerogatives and roles in the hands of an apolitical head of state. We gain very little from politicising the role of Head of State.

    There are better ways to decrease inequality than some sort of gesture like this.

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