Don’t Judge Me: The ‘Challenge’ That Backfired


If you have been on the internet in the past few days, then you have probably come across the controversial ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’. This ‘challenge’ is reportedly intended to be an anti body shaming campaign, but why has it backfired so much?

The answer is simple: it is completely contradictory. In fact, it appears to be extremely judgmental and narcissistic. The challenge involves participants drawing ridiculously caricatured ‘ugly’ features on their faces, before putting their hands to the screen and revealing their ‘beautiful’ faces. This has caused upset for many people who feel self-conscious, as this  challenge presents acne, mono-brows, glasses, double chins, imperfect teeth and so on to be flaws that are there to be judged.

It is unclear how exactly this ‘challenge’, (what is challenging about it?!) is against body-shaming, when the essence of it is showing people how much more attractive you are when you don’t have Sharpie all over your face. There is already a huge problem with young people – young women in particular – feeling as though they do not meet society’s standards of ‘perfection’, and trends such as this certainly do not help. According to the NHS, around one in 250 women, and one in 2,000 men in the UK will suffer from Anorexia Nervosa at some point in their lives, which suddenly makes the fake double chins in these videos far less funny than some people may find them.

The Reaction

Just searching the misspelt hashtag, #DontJudgeChallange [sic], on Twitter is enough to show you how many people have taken offence to this peculiar trend, with some lashing back by posting body-confident pictures of themselves, showcasing their flaws, along with the hashtag #BeautyInAllChallenge. One Twitter user wrote, ‘i have a gap in my teeth, i wear glasses, i have a lazy eye, i’m too pale but hey i love me #BeautyInAllChallenge [sic]’, which is at least one positive which has come from this self-obsessed trend.

The biggest shock for many, however, is the sheer vanity of the ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’ videos:

Whilst others are simply confused by what these people are trying to achieve:

I think it’s about time that this joins the ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’, and never rears its ugly head again.


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