Finally, A Car Made For Me, A Woman!


Ladies, we can all stop worrying. SEAT and Cosmopolitan have collaborated to create what we have all been waiting for – a car designed specifically for women! And, the really great news is that the car is ‘easy to park’, for as we all know, none of us can park!

All this time, the women of the world have been driving around in cars designed for men. However, this devastating problem has finally been resolved, with the ‘feminine’ car finally being revealed! Our lives will now be ‘much easier’, as we no longer have to fret about our lack of a feminine and ladylike car.

The Seat’s Mii, as the car has been named, has loads of fantastic features for us girls. These include mirrors in the sun visors so we can check our hair as we drive, and a handbag hook in the back so our bags don’t slide around! The lights are also designed to look as if they are wearing eyeliner, and it apparently has an ‘awesome dashboard design in Violetto with Bismuth designs’. It comes in ‘candy white’ or ‘violetto’ – unfortunately no pink.

Credits: SEAT/Metro
Credits: SEAT/Metro

In all seriousness, however, this creation is ridiculous. They have taken a car that already existed, and added to it features specifically designed for women. It took 18 months to create this car, and nobody seems to have thought about the media outrage that would inevitably follow. SEAT were quick to point out that this was not a car made for women by a man, it was a car made for women by Cosmopolitan readers and editors. This almost makes it more ridiculous, as Cosmopolitan can’t even claim ignorance to the potential reaction; they would have been more likely to guess how their typically female audience would react. Apparently, however, this is aimed at the ‘fun and fearless’ ‘Cosmo woman’, not just any woman in particular.

Some of the reactions on Twitter have described this as a larger scale version of the Bic ‘pen for her’, released in 2012, which sparked outrage across media outlets. Women complained at the misogynistic attitude this demonstrated, and the Mii car is not really any different.

This car has apparently been designed to seem more attractive than other cars – it comes in ‘violetto’ with sparkly alloys and champagne coloured door mirrors. Of course, us females exist to look more attractive at all times.

The public has responded to the release with a variety of comments, particularly on Twitter:

Some people believed it to be a joke, with some incredulous responses as it slowly dawned upon them that this car is in fact, very real.

Kim St. Clair Bodden, the senior vice-president of Hearst, the publisher that owns Cosmo, came out with this during the press release justifying the creation of the car:

Cosmopolitan is the biggest, most powerful young women’s brand in the world, engaging and inspiring our readers to achieve the fun, fearless lives they want.”

If this is Cosmo’s idea of inspiring young women to lead the lives they want to lead, then I’m not sure I’m particularly inspired. Just because I happen to be female, it doesn’t mean I want to drive around in a ‘candy white’ car with a handle especially designed for my handbag. I’m perfectly fine in my car which up until now, no one has thought is too masculine for a woman like me to be driving. Where has the fight for equality between women and men lead us if this is what we’re producing?

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