The Best… Takeaway in Southampton?


As a new student at Southampton University, it may seem rather overwhelming: unfamiliar surroundings, a demanding course and a vibrant social life. Something you may not have considered is your ability to choose a tasty, nutritious (yes, I know you don’t care about that) and value-for-money takeaway. Typing in your postcode into (not spon) will attract a plethora of takeaway options, all tempting you with their promised deliciousness. I am here to save you the time, as a wise (not so much) second year, with my experience of the daunting world of takeaway.



Pricing – 9/10

Time taken to deliver – 8/10

Taste – 9/10

Overall – 9/10

Upon discovering Machos, I counted my lucky stars. Having experienced other burger establishments that charged half your student loan and an organ for one of their meals, this menu is reasonably priced. With flavourings and spices reminiscent of Nando’s, you can have a ‘cheeky’ (sorry) takeaway without having to leave your halls. The added extra of a generous selection of milkshakes makes this menu ideal to beat that Friday night hangover, or just to make that essay seem a little less threatening.

Credit: Macho's Facebook page
Credit: Macho’s Facebook page


Pricing – 5/10

Time taken to deliver – 3/10

Taste – 9/10

Overall – 7/10

When I first saw the menu at Bennie’s Burgers I was extremely excited. It mentioned words such as, ‘bacon’ and ‘cheese’ – some of my favourite in the English language. However, my heart dropped when I saw the extortionate prices they were charging. I didn’t want to be spending upwards of £15 on a takeaway when I would barely spend that for a week’s worth of food. Additionally, be warned if you ever order from there on a Saturday night as you could be waiting a lifetime for your meal (I once waited 3 hours). By the time it arrived I was so hangry that I could barely see. Apart from this, the food is delicious, but you may have to take out a second loan and have a couple of hours spare so you can fully enjoy it.



Pricing – 3/10

Time taken to deliver – 8/10

Taste – 7/10

Overall – 6/10

Domino’s angers me. I understand that the toppings are delicious and the dip is literally the greatest condiment in the world but I can’t justify spending £15.99 on a medium sized pizza. The only way I can comprehend the benefits of Domino’s is when there are numerous people ordering pizza, there is a BOGOF offer on and people are splitting a large pizza between 2. Then, and only then, do I believe that you are getting value for money. My advice? Get down to Sainsbury’s and buy a £4.00 Pizza Express pizza.



Pricing – 7/10

Time taken to deliver – 2/10

Taste – 9/10

Overall – 7/10

My experience with Spice Creation was a traumatic one. Although I couldn’t fault the taste of the food, or the pricing (coming in at roughly under £10), the delivery was an absolute mess. After waiting over an hour for the curry we rang the restaurant asking where our food was. After being promised numerous times that our food was out for delivery we soon realised that it was impossible for our curry to be out for delivery for over 2 hours. It then transpired that had not processed our order. In all fairness, we were given 10% off and a free Sag Aloo, but in future, maybe order directly with the restaurant.


So, it appears that Macho’s has come out as the triumphant winner – delicious, quick to deliver and reasonably priced, you can’t go wrong!
Disclaimer: This is all my own opinion. Please don’t send me angry messages if you try one of these options and think the food is horrible. Thank you.


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