Commuting to University


As of a few weeks ago, I moved out of my room in Southampton, and began commuting into university instead.

My coursemates, flatmates and outside friends all thought this was a ludicrous decision, having to travel 108 miles every day to listen to a lecture, or sit in a seminar. My response to that? It’s not as bad as you think.

A lot of my coursemates suggested that now I would be commuting, I’d never see them again. Obviously this was not true, as I bump into them occasionally every time I’m on campus, and what’s more is you have method of communication to plan meeting up in your pocket. So, rule out the idea of not seeing people again, because it simply is not true.

Another alleged flaw in my commute that arose was I “wouldn’t be as productive”. In the comfort of your own home you don’t have the utter fear of your flatmate seeing you run across the hall from the shower, or having your milk stolen from the fridge, so constantly being in ‘order’ allows one to work productively and attend lectures, yes? No. If anything, I’ve actually become more productive since living at home. I’ve been getting up early (and I mean early) to travel to Southampton to attend lectures, have Hartley sessions and meet coursemates to discuss projects. I’ve even started photography and YouTube as a new hobby after buying a new camera, and implemented it into my commute.

The final criticisms I’ve had thrown at me is “don’t you get tired?”, and “aren’t you bored?”. I will admit it is hard to get up at 05:45 2 days a week in order to reach my 09:00 lectures, but once you’ve had the lecture, done some further reading and reached home, you have the rest of the day to relax, or keep being productive. I hate just sitting down and doing nothing, so once I’m up I might as well carry on. Leading on to the “aren’t you bored?” question, all I have to say is life is what you make of it. I’ve picked up more hours at my lifeguarding job, I make sure I see friends and family when I’m not at university, and I make sure I see coursemates when I’m at university. I’ve even reignited my voluntary work at my local basketball club, so I have a pretty packed week. The answer to “am I bored” is no, I’m not, because I’m making the most of the situation, and attempting to make it the best it can be.

A final word is that if any of you are thinking of commuting, whether that be soon or in the future, don’t fear it, think of it as a good thing! If you want any advice about it, or have any questions, get in touch.


2nd year student at University of Southampton. Publications in Politics, International Relations and Sports.

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