The Best… Cocktails?


Being a student, the luxury of drinking cocktails isn’t always the easiest to get away with, especially on a budget. So finding one that’s good value for money, has a nice taste, ease of mixing and that looks good too isn’t the easiest of things.

Disclaimer: These were not all made and consumed over one night and responsible drinking is recommended whenever drinking cocktails of an alcoholic nature.

Alas, each of these qualities make up my opinion on what makes a good student cocktail.

Stuart Webster from Southampton, England, Woo Woo, CC BY 2.0

Woo Woo

Value for money: 4/5 – With only three ingredients, most of which only rise in value as the drink becomes more branded means that it is good value for money.

Taste: 4/5 – As a big fan of cranberry juice, this cocktail hits the sweet spot for me as it is just a much sweeter version of it. Made correctly, you can barely taste the alcohol at all.

Method: 5/5 – Simple as can be. Mix them all together and voila!

Looks: 3/5 – A pretty shade of red means that it looks very similar to vodka and cranberry juice alone, nothing special going on there.

Overall Score: 16/20

Pina Colada

Credit – Flickr

Value for money: 3/5 – not the best value for money, since cream doesn’t stay nice for long once opened so can’t be made over multiple weeks without buying more ingredients.

Taste: 3/5 – If you’re a fan of coconut, then this is the drink for you. If you aren’t, then I’d recommend steering clear of this particular cocktail.

Method: 4/5 – Depending on whether you mix the traditional recipe in a shaker, or just substitute the alcoholic ingredients for Malibu, it can be pretty easy to make.

Looks: 2/5 – As far as drinks that look nice, being a cloudy yellow colour isn’t a very good answer to it. It just doesn’t look the nicest and is almost off-putting in trying to attract me to drink it.

Overall Score: 12/20


Stuart Webster from Southampton, England, Sex On The Beach, CC BY 2.0

Sex On The Beach

Value for money: 3/5 – With four ingredients, including two of them being fruit juice based, it isn’t the best value for money, but depending on offers in store, could be a steal.

Taste: 5/5 – A perfect summer drink. It just tastes delicious and is fun and fruity.

Method: 3/5 – Requires a few more steps than other cocktails, as the alcohol has to be added first otherwise you get fruit juice at the bottom and all the alcohol at the top.

Looks: 5/5 – Very pretty colour and could just be a juice drink in disguise.

Overall Score: 16/20




Cheeky Vimto

Credit: Save The Student

Value for money: 5/5 – A typical student drink, containing drinks most would have lying around their house at any time (except the port in it).

Taste: 2/5 – As someone who severely dislikes port, this cocktail does nothing to mask that dislike I already had.

Method: 4/5 – Pretty simple. Only two steps and then you have your cocktail so you can’t really go wrong making it.

Looks: 4/5 – It is a very pretty deep purple colour which probably makes up for how bad it tasted.

Overall Score: 15/20


Credit: Pixabay

Long Island Iced Tea

Value for money: 2/5 – Made up of quite a few alcoholic ingredients, so buying those will set you back a bit in comparison to how cheap some of the others have been.

Taste: 5/5 – Definitely the best tasting one so far. As a huge fan of coke as a mixer, I’m happy that the taste of it isn’t lost in this drink.

Method: 5/5 – Chuck it all in and then fill up with coke. Couldn’t be easier.

Looks: 5/5 – It just looks like an ordinary coke, possibly a little lighter if we really want to be picky.

Overall Score: 17/20


Classic Margarita

Credit”: Akke Monasso, MargaritaReal, CC BY-SA 3.0

Value for money: 3/5 – Ingredients can set you back quite a bit but since there are only three, it isn’t the worst it could be.

Taste: 4/5 – One of the first drinks I had when I turned eighteen, the margarita is one I’ve always loved, especially the sharp lime tastes you sometimes get.

Method: 2/5 – Does require a bit of work to assemble, especially if you want to put salt around the glass.

Looks: 5/5 – If made properly, looks very attractive and definitely like something you’d see in any film involving cocktails.

Overall Score: 14/20


Unsurprisingly the winner came out to be the Long Island Iced Tea – probably the most alcoholic cocktail commonly found at restaurants and bars.

Even though this article only references six cocktails, there are a whole host of other ones out there to taste and try if you have the time (and the money).

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