The Best… Lush Bath Bombs?


I love Lush, and I’ve probably tried 90% of their products. I’m always told that I smell like the shop, that my bathroom smells like the shop, and I’ve been asked countless times what my favourite products are, or which I’d recommend. I think for someone starting out with Lush stuff that the best route is a bath bomb – they’re fun, cheap, and you’re going to get a beautiful bath and (hopefully) a great smelling one. But there are so many so which one should you go for? I did some digging into the best sellers and we’re going to find out which really is the best, based on price, size, prettiness of water, sparkliness, and smell. These are the things I’d personally look for, I like getting good value for money, sparkly water but not a bath covered in glitter and a smell that isn’t too sweet or too musky. All subjective, so I’d recommend also trying some out for yourself!

Shoot For The Stars

Special mention goes to ‘Shoot For The Stars’ Christmas bath bomb because it made me feel like a glittery mermaid.

Credit: All Things Lush UK

Sex Bomb
Sex bomb is incredibly sensual but it’s also good for a little bit of self-love. It’s got jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage which are meant to bee aphrodisiacs and has soya milk in it – sounds weird, but it’s incredibly softening for the skin. Lush say it will help you get ‘in the mood’ which I can see, it’s incredibly relaxing and definitely helped me to unwind and de-stress. The scent isn’t overpowering, at all, but unfortunately neither is the bath transformation. It’s pretty, but not much happens other than a paper flower at the end which gets a little soggy.

Price: £3.35 so 5/5 – the cheapest full-size ballistic (Ickle Baby Bot and Butterbear being much smaller)
Size: Average size – 4/5 as you could definitely split this in two and get two baths out of it.
Prettiness of water: 3/5 – it was pretty pinks and purples but nothing too exciting.
Sparkliness: 0/5 – no sparkles 🙁
Smell: 4/5 – very relaxing and subtle
Softness: 4/5

Total: 20/30


I was excited for this one – it was beautiful, but the smell wasn’t my favourite. It was meant to be vanilla and tonka absolute but it was just a bit musky for me, likely because of the vetivert. While beautiful when fizzing, the colours all merged to make a greyish green which wasn’t that unpleasant, but I was expecting it to be prettier. The amount of lustre in it saves it though – SO. GLITTERY.

Price: £3.75 so 4/5 – if it’s for you, you’ll get 2 baths out of it easily
Size: 5/5 – huge!
Prettiness of water: 2/5
Sparkliness: 5/5
Smell: 2/5
Softness: 3/5

Total: 21/30

Credit: Fleur De Force

Golden Wonder
This is one of two bath bombs in their Christmas range, which is obviously limited edition, but Golden Wonder has been around for a few years now and is a firm favourite amongst Lush fans so I can’t see it not coming back. As its name suggests it’s gold, but when in the water it’s TURQUOISE. It’s also shaped like a present, so it’s like the present unwraps and there’s a surprise and I just love it. It’s also absolutely huge, so you could easily split it and get multiple baths (or just chuck it all in at once like I do). It smells very citrusy and zesty which is a plus, and has lots of golden lustre which I also love.

Price: £3.75 so 4/5 – a little more expensive than ones like Sex Bomb which would knock a point off if it wasn’t such a huge bomb.
Size: 5/5 – HUGE
Prettiness of water: 5/5 – glittery and turquoise and golden?! Sign me up!
Sparkliness: 3/5 – subtle sparkle, not too much but a bit more would have been nice
Smell: 4/5 – subtle and lovely and citrusy but not too long lasting, longer would have been nice
Softness: 3/5

Total: 24/30

It doesn’t make the water look magical but it’s definitely very softening because of the cocoa butter. It smells like ‘Honey I washed the kids’ which is glorious, and it’s so cheap – just £2.65.

Price: 5/5 – an average size and one of the cheapest ballistics they do!
Size: 5/5, average but like the others you could split it and it gets an extra point for how cheap it is while being an average size
Prettiness of water: 2/5
Sparkliness: 1/5
Smell: 5/5
Softness: 5/5

Total: 23/30

Credit: All Things Lush UK

Dragon’s Egg

You know what? I don’t even care that this one doesn’t have glitter, because it’s just magical. I was gifted this years ago as a random act of kindness from a lovely man at the Poole shop, and while at first glance it just looks like a white bath bomb… oh it’s so much more. It has ‘dragon scales’ (rice paper confetti), popping candy, turns your bath a beautiful golden colour and smells lovely – bergamot and citrus. It’s a lovely one to use during the winter for a pick me up when it’s dark and miserable outside!

Price: £3.35 so 5/5, the cheapest full-size ballistic
Size: 3/5 – average but you likely couldn’t split it without  making a mess!
Prettiness of water: 4/5, simple but pretty
Sparkliness: 0/5 BUT it gets 2 bonus points for being so exciting
Smell: 5/5, gorgeous, strong and long-lasting
Softness: 3/5, no more so than any other regular ones

Total: 20/30

I’m biased here, because Twilight is the most beautiful scent and I slather myself in the ‘Sleepy’ body lotion that shares its scent so I can always smell like it. Regardless, it’s beautiful, with lovely pink and blue colours in the water when it fizzes. It’s also massive, so there is better value for money. It’s the most delicate lavender mixed with ylang ylang and tonka scent. The water when the show is over is a gorgeous violet, full of glitter and Lush says it’s meant to “help your mind let go and embrace the night time. Twilight dissolves to create a growing sunset that gradually gets darker until you are finally left with the glimmer of stars.” Which, yeah, I see that. If you’re someone who likes a bath to relax at night, you need to try this.

Price: 4/5 £3.75 – a bit more than average but it’s such a loved scent that I completely get it. And it’s huge!
Prettiness of water: 5/5
Sparkliness: 4/5
Smell: 5/5
Softness: 3/5

Total: 21/30

And the winner is… Golden Wonder! A ridiculously big bath bomb for the money spent, it smells incredible and you get a lovely coloured bath.


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