What’s More Important at Uni: A Degree or a Social Life?


Is university more about the degree, or the social aspect? Having spent a year at university, this is still a tough question for me. The answer isn’t clear cut, because it depends more on what you make of the environment and resources you are given at university.

If you’re studying a professional degree or a STEM degree, then it’s the degree choice that will undoubtedly matter more, career-wise. Your performance in your exams and assignments can directly affect your chances of getting a job in your chosen career field. For those studying social sciences or humanities, the story is a bit different.

The answer does become more confusing in this case, but this is compensated by the fact that you have more choice and control over what matters more for you. If you have a burning passion for your chosen subject and are confident that it will form a dominant part of your career, then it’s your course that will matter more. If you’re more open to career options, it’s the social aspect that could help you more. The social aspect that will be of a material benefit refers to things like networking, participation in societies, taking up elected roles in the students union, or using the social atmosphere of the campus to further your own causes, passions, and interests.

But regardless of degree choice, elements of both academics and social exposure will always still play a defining part in your degree simultaneously. The rest of the answer lies with you, and where you see yourself after graduating. The right balance for you will depend on this, as well as how much you take advantage of opportunities both within your degree and beyond.


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