Christmas is Coming…Why We Should Be Excited


December is here. The temperature is dropping. Mariah Carey is re-emerging from the depth of the CD cabinet. It can only mean one thing. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

Now for all my festive friends out there who (like me) have been belting out Bublé since the first of November, Christmas has been a long time coming. But, now that it is officially the start of the festive season, it is time to embrace all things merry and bright, get out your tinsel and start the Christmas shopping.

Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall yet?

I, for one, love Christmas. I may live with a Grinch of a housemate who can’t bear the sound of jingle bells, but that hasn’t stopped me preparing early. Some argue that Christmas is for children and as we mature, the magic of the holiday disappears. However, whilst we may no longer believe in an old jolly giant and a red-nosed reindeer, that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the role of Santa ourselves. As we grow older, I firmly believe that we appreciate the holiday and the idea of giving more. I can’t wait to see the look on my parent’s faces when they unwrap my gift to them, and I’m buzzing with excitement for when my secret Santa receives the hilarious present I’ve chosen for her.

And don’t even get me started on the food. From potatoes and parsnips to chocolate and cheese, Christmas is the best excuse to pig out and not give a damn. As a student whose staple diet is spaghetti hoops on toast (or perhaps an omelette if I’m feeling really adventurous), the prospect of home cooked food and Christmas chocolate is enough to make me drool. Who knows, this year I might even stretch to trying a sprout or two. As long as there are plenty of pigs in blankets, there shall be peace on earth!

And before the sanctimonious Scrooges once again lament the ‘commercialisation of Christmas’, let me intervene by saying that, as a practising Catholic, I look forward to the midnight mass, the carol services and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christmas isn’t all about what’s underneath the tree or inside your belly – it’s the celebration of a new year, time to spend with your family and perhaps, most importantly, a time to show love towards one another.

So bring on the turkey, bring on the tree and bring on the treats. Christmas is coming and it’s going to be a good one!


Third year History student with a passion for journalism. I have a particular interest in minority rights, historical comparisons and current affairs. Unapologetic feminist.

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