An American’s Perspective on Trump Border Wall Funding


It happens every time—whether I’m on the bus or in line at Sainsbury’s, the moment someone hears my American accent, I can guarantee that the conversation which follows will be an endless barrage of, ‘Trump…?!?!’

It’s made all the more awkward by that each time i’m asked, the person in question is waiting, gauging my level of decent-person-ness in relation to my answer. And while I guess it’s fortunate for me that I hate Trump and I’m proud to admit it—you know, as any person with an ounce of humanity should be— this is far from my favorite conversation starter. And it’s especially disheartening that this is the first thing people associate with America, especially when there are so many hilarious—and less tragic—things to make fun of, like our football, our accents, or our penchant for donut-burgers.

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It’s only made more tragic by news like this: the revelation that the Supreme Court has finally given Trump the go-ahead for funding to build his border wall. Although a District Court Judge in California had entered a permanent injunction to block Trump from using military funds for this purpose, the Trump administration—like an annoying child—kept asking and kept asking, starting by bombarding the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to lift that injunction. And when the 9th Circuit refused to do so, bringing a short-lived burst of hope to the hearts of many like myself, the administration started begging the Supreme Court to override them all. Which is exactly what they did, passing the ruling with a vote of 5-4. Their decision therefore means that the $6.7 billion wall Trump requested will be used for the construction of wall projects across California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

So, what does this mean for America and for immigration? At the moment, it means that the Supreme Court is setting a devastating precedent which will allow Trump to spend and build without supervision or restriction. It means that Trump is doggedly following through on his 2016 campaign promises and that the racism and anti-immigration which the border wall represents is only growing stronger. In short, if the United States government has decided that funds originally intended for national security are better used for keeping immigrants out, then America is only increasing its slide into a dystopian horrorscape.

However, I am proud to see that Democrats are resisting the ruling. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that, “This evening’s Supreme Court ruling allowing Donald Trump to steal military funds to spend on a wasteful, ineffective border wall rejected by Congress is deeply flawed.” Likewise, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are once again leading the charge in the fight against injustice, and have announced their determination “to halt the irreversible and imminent damage from Trump’s border wall.” And in addition to the ACLU, numerous other civil rights groups—along with twenty states—have also filed lawsuits of their own to try and stop the wall’s construction.

Although these protests may not have altered the future of the wall or the Trump administration yet, I’m proud of everyone who keeps fighting. I’m proud of those who recognize that there is a national emergency going on—but it’s not being caused by an influx of scared immigrants seeking refuge at our border. Trump is our national emergency and the Supreme Court’s ruling is only escalating the severity of the threat he poses.


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