Are We Really ‘All In This Together’?


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Unless you’re like Jared Leto and have just returned home from a silent meditation retreat in the desert or you’ve been in the German Big Brother House since January with no contact with the outside world, you’ll surely be well up to date with how the coronavirus is impacting us all. From schools being shut to pasta and toilet roll becoming a rare find in supermarkets, every aspect of our life is being impacted. Obviously these two aspects of this pandemic are minor inconveniences in comparison to the lives being lost and the major sacrifices our key workers are making every day. Something to which we will never be able to fully show our thanks for.

For many of us who are sitting at home (which is literally 90% of the time because theres not much else we can do) the posts of support and love on social media bring us some hope in this very dark and scary time. Your nan’s newly learned skill of tagging you in posts of hope on Facebook is your only respite from looking out the window at your neighbour who you’re certain is leaving the house for the fourth time today. Whilst the outpouring of love on social media from your friends and neighbours is comforting, for many the posts from millionaire A-listers weirdly enough do not act as the same comfort.

For most of us on top of worrying about the health impacts of the virus the financial impacts the pandemic is going to have will be monumental. Whilst Ellen posts funny relatable pictures of how bored she is from her $24 million mansion, many Brits are dealing with the crushing worry of how they’re going to afford to make it through the next few months. Both Tim Martin, the founder of Wetherspoons, and Gordon Ramsay have failed to reassure their staff that they will pay them whilst pubs and restaurants are closed. Of course, money from the government will be coming in at the end of April, but for many the wait is too long. Some bosses have recently changed their tune and will pay staff – it appears as if a millionaire bubble can be penetrated by the calls of desperation from the poor underlings. But I have a question- what kind of people are these bosses when it takes masses of pressure from the public to pay staff during a time as horrific as this?

What’s clear is that through this horrific event, many of us are going to have a lot more to worry about than others. Whilst Sam Smith posts a video crying in their £12 million mansion (what is it with celebrities posting videos of themselves crying in attempt to be relatable?), many Brits are going to have to work out how to make it through the next few months.

It’s true that for the vast majority we are in this all together. However, it would be nice if celebrities and big millionaire CEOs could offer something of substance to what we’re going through instead of sweet Instagram posts. Whist we most certainly need love and support the best thing the Ellen’s and Tim Martin’s of the world can do for us right now is donate money and support their workers.

If, like me, you’re not a key worker or a millionaire, all we can do is stay at home and support each other as much as we can. Also, when things do get better please don’t go to s#Spoons for your celebratory pint; go to your local pub instead. They’re most certainly going to need your support.


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