Lime Bar: A New Flavour


When the time comes to celebrate a special occasion and you want to look beyond the Bevois Strip for a bit more class, Lime Bar on Lodge Road offers a chic alternative. Only opened under new management in 2010, Lime Bar is one of Portswood’s recent additions to the drinking scene; however, with its vibrant green exterior, this cocktail bar does not want to be missed.

Inside, the venue is intimate and the bar can quickly get smothered on crowded nights. If you are lucky enough to score a high bar stool, my advice would be to park there and enjoy a sociable glance through the cocktail menu, whilst their two members of staff work their way towards you. The interior is thematic in colouring, but successfully avoids going overboard with the lime green decor and the light, open atmosphere of the bar is effectively contrasted by the club-like ambience of the back room that offers both a DJ booth and acoustic live music sets, depending on the night. The bar is also popular with locals, diffusing the intensity of a student venue and creating a more diverse atmosphere than your average Portswood pub.

On my first visit, Lime Bar’s boast to ‘Southampton’s best Mojito’ may have had credibility, however, on my next visit their signature drink was disappointingly flavourless, with a surprising lack of their eponymous fruit. As the bar are currently hiring, I will kindly attribute this to a beginner employee, so for those who have Mojito skills to offer, see their website for hiring details. The menu consists of eight cocktails, ranging from the old favourites – ‘Cosmopolitan’, to the slightly more unique- ‘The Squashed Frog’, but the menu’s gem is the slightly more pricy, yet larger ‘Guilty Pleasure’, a fruity fusion of lychee, apple and lime, which is more than worth the extra pound. A new menu is soon to be launched.

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday in a tasteful fashion, Thursday night’s 2-4-1 on cocktails is a perfect excuse to get the boys into shirts and the girls into heels, offering two cocktails for £4.25 and a pint of Carlsberg for £2. Pitchers are also available for reasonable prices. An early start at Lime Bar is complimented well by Thursday nights at Bliss, or is less than five minutes walk from Jesters for those who just can’t stay away. The venue also opens to screen key football and rugby matches that are often accompanied by various drinks deals if you don’t fancy cramming into Varsity for once, and for those after a more intellectually challenging evening, Lime Bar hosts a quiz night every Tuesday.

Still finding its feet amid Southampton’s thirsty population of students, this cocktail bar is a refreshing new flavour for those who want to celebrate a birthday or fancy an evening out of their Jesters-shoes, and should be given chance to impress.


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    I know its a lovely bar, but it frustrates me when bars like this call themselves cocktail bars when they only serve 8 cocktails….

    If anyone is wanting a real cocktail bar, I would suggest going to Pitcher and Piano down in Ocean Village, or if anyone knows Clifton in Bristol (trek i know) particularly well, there’s a great cocktail bar there called Amoeba, deff worth a visit 😀 Thai Daquiri, nomnomnomnomnom

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